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    Squaresoft and Enix - Square Enix

    Former Square President Hisashi Suzuki recently tweeted his thoughts on Square Enix, saying that "The merger was a complete failure" and that Square Enix has "no vision for the future." Square Enix is going through a rough time as seen through their recent financial report for the first half of the fiscal year and it has kind of all over the in some of their recent works (FF XIV, FFVII for the PC to name a few) but is calling Square Enix a complete failure going too far or does the former Square President's words hold some truth?


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    Calling Square Enix a complete failure is going a tad far, but there is some truth to what Hisashi Suzuki is saying. The recent Final Fantasy titles are not as big as recent titles. Releasing FFVII for the PC is somewhat of a bust, becasue of all the bugs and problems. The merger with Enix was a great move in my book, but they did not lose their vision in a sense. I guess Hisashi is seeing SquareEnix moving slowly away from their fantasy genre and banking on shooters and platforms.

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    I thought when the creators of "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest" merged into one, they would be an unstoppable and unrivaled juggernaught in the rpg genre. Also, I thought we'd see a bunch of "Star Ocean" games for years to come. I think "lack of vision" is a great choice of words because, "vision" is not only for looking forward. The company needs to step back and view their entire history before moving forward with a project. Just to make sure they don't stray too far away from the ideas that made the company as big as it is today. Personally, I think Square-Enix should focus primarily on rpgs for the PS3, XBOX, and PC. They have a strong background in the RPG Genre. It would be nice.

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    Not so sure how it's working for them on the business end of things but in my opinion MMO is a make it or break it venture. They will have have the best RPG's around going shooters might seem like a good idea but perhaps they should stick to what they know and make up a fantasy shooter. I am excited to see what they do with FFXIV to but putting so much time and money into a huge MMO could be a huge waste of time for them. There have been numerous attempts at a new/better MMO and it could be a great money maker but with the way most MMO's take off and crash I don't see this ending well. I'm excited to see if they can change things up and what direction they take but I would be much happier with a nice new title for PS3 or 360. start a new fantasy so to speak.

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    Squaresoft to Square Enix

    I simply felt like sharing this, nothing fancy or anything, but I've been thinking... Nowadays I have been bored with many games, they don't last as long as they used to, are not as challenging or even as emotional or "deep" as many games used to be. I don't think it has anything to do with me being "from those times" rather than "now" I just feel that there are many old titles out there that I know many of you would agree are STILL among your top games ever played.

    I personally have followed Square-Enix since Squaresoft on the SNES. The SNES had MANY great titles and I honestly believe that Square was the one company that had much of the greatness in RPGs. Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 2 & 3... All titles I remember playing on SNES specifically among a few others. Then Sony came out with the PSX and even more titles came out. Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX. These games, all around are what made them great (barring maybe Xenogears, CD2 was mostly story not much adventuring), music wise, action wise, feeling wise. Since then, the only titles I can honestly say "touched" me in some way, was FFX and KH1 & 2 for PS2. Can't say much for anything else.

    So question here is, what has happened? I personally am not a fan of FFXXIII (even though I still played them)... I am very interested in the Versus XIII, but that is it. I wont include the MMOs because as a game, I liked them both (story is amazing in both of XI and XIV), but maybe not so much as an MMO... Anyways... A lot of us wish for there to be "remakes," I mean heck, I would love a Xenogears remake, possibly a FFVII & IX remake (though I feel as these are perfect in a way... just because), most definitely Secret of Mana. I am actually ok with companies taking their sweet time on a game because that is what makes a game great. Everything nowadays seems to be rushed only to meet the majority's demands and thus the fail. Regardless, I will continue supporting Square until the magic returns to a non MMO.

    If you took the time to read this, thank you Like I said, just something I wanted to share and I am sure some others feel the same.

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    We're getting some awesome remakes of Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts this year, and next year we'll be getting Bravely Default, so there's some hope for great games coming soon.

    I have no idea what's going to happen at E3 though. They could very well end up blowing us all away with the next big Final Fantasy game for PS4, as well as a few unexpected surprises.

    Unfortunately, it has an equal chance to end up disappointing everyone due to the LOL SE factor. But for now, I'm going to stay cautiously optimistic.

    I know very well what you're talking about, with the golden age of Squaresoft behind us. If you scroll past the Kingdom Hearts section on the forums you can catch a glimpse of the SE graveyard, where the Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Mana, Chrono, SaGa, and other great series of games lay dead forever.

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    So I have noticed and I like the idea somewhat, if they were on the Vita, I would most definitely buy the remakes.

    On another post [What I look forward to this 2013] I posted how it is highly possible that at E3 they might come out and finally say "Well, were done with XIII and Versus XIII, you guys smell that? KH3!" Or something along those lines lol. But agreed, may be dissapointing. A lot of companies just bring out MORE of what's already in the air, for instance, though Versus XIII is done, they might show a LOT at E3, but frankly, I don't care. When Hashimoto went up there on the stage at the PS4 conference his "Look forward to E3" sentence gave me that spark... Still, like yourself, stay optimistic >_<

    Appreciate your reply and glad you feel the same. There are many many games that were great, ARE great still and it seems like nothing really compares to those titles. The ONLY modern game I can mention I actually went back to and played [which a LOT of those titles you mentioned I personally went back to many times to play] would probably be Mass Effect... and thats not saying much. no game since FFX have I replayed. Nowadays its, get it, play it, leave it. I still remember FFVII and Xenogears specifically, those games I played maybe 5 times each >_< I want that feel man!

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    Square Enix has sent many good people though, a very good leads is gone and with it the magic is gone too, today is not bad, but not quite the same thing, I really miss Sakaguchi ...

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    Did any of you play any Enix games before Square merged with Enix? I played Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean: The Second Story prior to knowing about the merge.

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    Both games you mentioned plus Dragon Quest III (I finished all other DQ games from I to IX except VII after the merger though).
    Also played Terranigma.

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    I lived in Japan back then during the merge in 2003. Anyway, a great game that I enjoyed before then was the obvious dance and rhythm game "Bust a Move" for the Playstation! The game came out in the US too under the name Bust a Groove and got a great sequel later on

    Bust a Move 1

    Bust a Move 2
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