Thread: ****. Inferno has been cancelled.

****. Inferno has been cancelled.

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    ****. Inferno has been cancelled.

    Straight from the July issue of Game Informer:

    "If you've been anxiously anticipating Fear Effect: Inferno, your wait may potentially be longer. Eidos officially cancelled the project, severing ties with Kronos, which has been put the developer in a precarious financial situation. The main problems is that Eidos owns the license and Kronos currently lacks another substantial title to keep itself afloat. However, both companies are earnestly shopping Inferno around to other publishers before Kronos runs out of money.

    "Bearing no grudges, Kronos president Stan Liu states, 'It has nothing to do with them hating us or us hating them. It was just business.' Liu objectively reasons, 'We think Eidos just got caught off-guard [financially]. It happens, and cuts have to be made.' Unfortunately, Liu's impartial attitude towards the pitfalls of capitalism doesn't solve Inferno's indefinite hiatus, or Kronos' consequent financial plight. Although Liu and Kronos' chief operating officer, Sandy Abe, feel confident that somebody will eventually purchase the rights, their time is short. In fact, by the time you read this article, Kronos will either not exist in its present form, or it will have signed a contract with another publisher to create one of three new games.

    "Within a five-week period, Kronos has been arduously developing three demos based on requests from a few publishers in the hopes of striking a deal. One bears a striking resemblance to Rare's Kameo: Elements of Power and Capcom's Devil May Cry. Called iSA, players assume the role of a protagonist who can manipulate light and employ it during combat and to help solve various puzzles.

    "The next two titles are far less complete, but still show considerable potential. The first is a superhero fighter starring an undetermined cast. If DC Comics cooperates, Kronos hopes to create a multiplayer experience (online support included, of course) that plays more like War of the Monsters than Street Fighter II or Tekken. The last project stars a hero with Tenchu-style gameplay mechanics set in a medieval environment.

    "Fans might be disappointed to hear that Kronos has been forced to place Inferno on the backburner, but encounter this situation has taught it a lesson. Abe emphatically declares, 'If we survive this thing, we will no longer be a one-title studio.'"

    This really ing sucks. Ugh. -_- Why can't Eidos continue to fund the game? I mean, wasn't it suppost to have been done by around now?

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    That really really ing sucks! My only guess for Eidos's actions is that they think TR: AOD will be so big that they don't need another such game. We'll see how AOD sells....................

    I'd hold a grudge if Eidos's BS is killing my company. A big one, too. I hope another company picks it up, and makes an embarrasing fortune off of it.

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    You'd think a company like Rockstar, who's known for pushing the gaming boundaries, would pick up the rights and help out Kronos.

    I -REALLY- hope the rights get purchased soon.

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    If Eidos still owns it, then they can stop any competitor from releasing it, which is what poses the biggest threat to another developer. It would seem lucrative enough since it's already under development and (presumably) nearly complete .

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    This angers me to new extremes. Thast is almost all I can say hopefully some SMART company will be smart enough to grab hold to the gem that is Inferno. It would be horrific if the Fear Effect series ended like this. WHHYYYYYY oh Why have you forsaken us EIDOS. KRONOS might not hold a grudge but I sure do.