Thread: coli locked even not use in coli?

coli locked even not use in coli?

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    i borrow 3 cards from my friend to kill boss at the nightmare mode
    after that i let him borrow 2 my cards

    after finish then i set my deck then suddenly i can't enter coli with my previeus deck
    2 my cards i let borrow can't enter coli, also happening to my friend his 3 cards can't enter coli
    we didn't even set the coli when we borrowing those cards
    just gift, finish kill boss, sent back. no setting on coli deck at all

    i try remove those 2 cards then i can enter coli
    is it suppose to be like this ?

    can you help me check please?
    my IGN : Cumicumi
    locked cards : Int dominion + RB cool Gilgamesh (volcano)

    my friend : Teresia
    locked cards : RB int gilgamesh(volcano) + RB cool bahamuth + R.Banshee


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