Thread: Fear Effect: Inferno is "on hold".

Fear Effect: Inferno is "on hold".

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    Fear Effect: Inferno is "on hold".

    Hmm...I wonder why? Maybe the game is actually almost complete, but Eidos doesn't want to ship it until Lara's imminent reign over the sales charts is over.

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    Sadly, I think we all know this means the game is probably never going to hit shelves...or at least not any time in 2003.

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    Why won't Eidos talk about it? or Kronos? Kronos hasn't updated their site in a whole freakin' year. What's up with that?

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    Don't know why they won't say anything. Then again, when a developer does a delay, the only thing they usually say is "it's for your own good, so accept it." Developers/publishers are very unapologetic when it comes to these sort of things, so I expect nothing from them regarding this, which strikes me as arrogant because companies sometimes forget that we're not whiny fanboys but customers, and it won't kill them to say more than "it's on hold, accept it."

    My best guess is that they made so much of it, then stopped production because they were undecided as to if they want it to be puzzle-driven or action-driven. They did make some though, because it was shown at 2002's E3. Hope it isn't on hold for too long, because soon Konami will release Cy-Girl, which should be a solid competitor to the FE/TR type of games.