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Thread: The Project Eden fan website

The Project Eden fan website

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    I did feel carter could have had a bit more use to him, to me he was the extra guy who did ***** all apart from things that other people should be able to do.
    With a bit of wow and hype I think a sequal could be good, somthing more on the above levels I would hope but hey, if it wont bring in the cash...

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    Yah. Something on the top levels would be nice. They say its in the distant future but the only things that make it look futuristic is the how you take out a weapon ....

    you know, they "spawn" out from some kind of energy thing... like in ST: Elite Force transporter belt.. their equipment gets "beamed" right into their hands from their belt.....

    Well.. let me put it this way.. the 60's Batman's utility belt probably used such a system.. cause how else does he put a half-human size bullet proof shield in there!!!

    And yes. Carter did squat.. He's the leader but you can "lead" the team using any of the characters....

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    I hadn't forgotten. I just drift in and out.

    Use the pic. Put a nice shiny link to my email/website

    I have a crapload of ideas for a PE fic, but no idea how to start it. Oh well.

    Carter sucked. All he was good for was opening certain doors and talking to people. Bah.

    A PE sequel would rock. On the proviso they actually do some PR this time. And improve the gfx at least a LITTLE.


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    yah. pr would be good for buisness

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    The bad PR is the reason we probably won't see a sequel...sigh...

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    It's a vicious circle...

    Bad PR from the first one is preventing a sequel, and Good PR for the Sequel would most likely make ppl get the first...

    Happend alot to me.... I bought a sequel and liked it so I got the first one in the series...

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    Fan pic is up. I will get round to the screenies and wallpapers somtimes this month, maybe even today if I am luckly.
    Does anyone have an extream high end machine with the game on, its just I dont think my machine will bring out the best of the graphics the game has as my graphics card is long overdue for an update. If you do have an excelent machine would you have some spare tiem to take a few high quality screenies? If not I will just taken them on mine and hope for the best.

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    Hey, it's great to see other people talking about PE! (I mean Project Eden, not Physical Education... God forbid any of us should actually get out of a chair for five minutes....) I bought this game about a year and a half ago and loved it, but then got stuck in The Hospital level, and put it aside. Now, a year and a half later, I dug it out and started playing again. I'd forgotten how GOOD this game is! I can't imagine why critics trashed it so harshly (oh that's right... if it's not a brainless shooter, and if it's not made by Blizzard, it gets trashed... how silly of me!)

    Anyway, I have a decent PC if you want some screenshots, General. It's not the all-time greatest, but it's a Pentium IV with 1.8 gig processor, 128 megs RAM, and 64 Meg GEForce 2 graphics. Eden looks pretty nice on it.

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    I decided to just tak some basic ones, looks good enough. Though any bizzar or humerous ones are welcome.
    Screen shots and my first batch of basic wallpapers are up, they are just ones along the website theme, screen shot desktops will come later this week.

    Yes the reviews were harse. I first discoverd it in the 101 PC game demos magazine not long backand it was PERFECT, just what I needed. Somthign that involved though but had a nice balace between puzzle and action. Had a nice Sci-fi feel but wasnt over the top and a nice system team system it had.
    And no american accents everywhere (no offience to any US residents using this borad, I just cant stand listening to US accents all the time).
    Also the combat system I liked, the weapons and the auto aim is extreamly usful so the whole thing has a challenging but not constantly get stuck or killed challenging.
    And that another thing, no need for constant reloads, just pop back at a terminal, more realistic (not quite what I mean by that!) in the fact that in real life you dfon tget the option of reloading, this bypoasses it.

    How did everyone else come across ProE?

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    Well, I think there are some US accents in the game! (and hey, what's so bad about the way we talk?! lol.)

    I first heard about the game way back before it was released, and I knew it was being made by the Tomb Raider people, so I was interested immediately. I was glad to see they were finally branching off and doing something other than Lara.

    A while later, the demo arrived in the mail with my subscription to PC Gamer. I tried it out, and loved the way the puzzles fit into the environment so seamlessly. The use of team members was also great, and added a whole new dimension to the game that I hadn't seen in other 3rd person puzzle/shooters. I figured the reviews would be fantastic for it-- it was original, looked good, and played well. WRONG! The reviews, for the most part, were downright cruel! Then I couldn't decide whether or not to get the game. I thought, what if the demo didn't accurately reflect the rest of the game?

    Fortunately, I finally decided to give it a chance anyway. It's become one of my favorites, and in many ways, it brought back the thrill I had when I first played Tomb Raider back in 1996 (in a different way, of course.)

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    Same here.. 99.999999999999% of Canadians are just like americans but in better health cause of our free healthcare

    Gotta admit.. I dont see how I wouldve lived with cancer in the states We would've probably have had to declare bankrupty like most ppl with terminally ill deases..

    I had some problems dealing with americans in my vaction to florida.. Everyone in jeans except us.. All that was missing was a "we're from canada" sign

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    Amusing Eden screenshots?

    I think I just found my calling

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    the first two seam to be simmiler in some way...

    as for the third, link for a link?

    Meanwhile UPA-CO now has a text website for all those people who dont want IE, its not flashy or anything but its fast loading and simple. A lot fo work is eeded on both and I will be carrying out updates whenever I can.
    Also in an attempt to do somthign interesting I will see what in the game I can mess with in terms of modding it and offering the alterations as downloads.

    But hows for orginising an online game? Who would be up for that?

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