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Thread: Legacy of Kain Community Chat Photo Album Discussion Thread...

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    Anyone else think blincoln looks like Morbius from Spider-Man?

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    Originally posted by SexlessDemon

    But hell, I'll be happy to give someone a tour if they do decide to come down to London. Not that I know it that well myself lol
    Well, I'll be in London from June 8th-August 7th doing some contract work for Electric Word Publishing... Perhaps I should look you up?


    And when he gets to Heaven, to St. Peter he will tell... "One more soldier reporting, sir. I've served my time in Hell."

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    Apply here for tour guide position!

    Riovanes: Well I guess I should be here in the beginnings of June, so yeah why not. It takes a bit to get used to our "technologically advanced" *falls off the chair s******ing* public transport here anyway.

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    Now now lets try and give Ken Livingstone his dues Sexless. He has managed to make sure that the buss you want is always 1 hour late. I'm up here to. the three of us should go for a drink.

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    Originally posted by GawdDawgs
    Anyone else think blincoln looks like Morbius from Spider-Man?
    You've been watching Spiderman on Fox-Kids haven't you?

    I have too actually, and I think it is just you

    Morbius has shorter hair....

    Blinc - London, god no! Way to expensive. Up here in Liverpool it's £1.95 for a pint of lager at my local whereas in London its around £3-4 (around $7). Damned capital.

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    *squints at Omega* You saying that I don't want to pay 5 quid for my daily underground ticket? *squint squint squint*

    Well he's right- London really IS that expensive. I really wonder where my money goes sometimes.... *sigh* I miss my Mazda. I miss driving! *whines*
    " Bequeath to me thy fiery kiss to sever thin mortality. "

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    I want to move to Britain now. Everybody in the UK seems more laid-back than over here.
    Nah come here to Scotland!(Dundee)
    Up here we've got a big boat, its uhhh, a historical landmark or something, If you want to see it actually, theres a billboard with a pic of it hidden in GTA:Vice City)

    I couldn't put a pic up coz my computer doesn't have a digicam/scanner etc.
    And anyway I ruin every pic I'm in! I'm either picking my nose or the pics blurred

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    Yeah, whatever you do don't go to london! it's a VERY expensive place to go. It's much better in places like Manchester (Manchester has to be the best place I've been in the country) where you can actually afford to eat

    London is a pretty col place but it's basically designed to look like what Americans think we live like. The red busses, the red phone boxes. Londoon is a MASSIVE tourist attraction and nothing more. the rest of england looks a lot less.....well British.

    While I'm here, Can someone tell me how I can host pictures online? I'm totally useless when it comes to stuff like that so I'd be most grateful

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    You can host pics here for free. It's simple too, but you do need to register first.

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    or how about we forget about it all together eh?

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    Cool pics everyone. Noob, you look better without the hat.

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    Nah-Blinc looks more like this...
    until he smiles.

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    I prefer to think that I look like this until I smile.


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    Isn't your hair a bit too long to pull that look off exactly?

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    Details =P.

    I'm actually thinking of having it short and spikey again, but not quite the same as before. I'll have to think about it for awhile though.

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    As long as you provide photos.

    I've been considering dying my hair again. Not sure what color yet. I had it semi-normal last time I had it done. (Dark brown with blonde highlights). The time before that it was a wine-red. I still have purple warming up in the bullpen though, should I even decide to go extreme. Decisions. Decisions.

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    I want to have hair that inspires fear in my enemies.

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    Dye it bleach-blonde then. I'd sure as hell be scared.

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    Ho ho, I have a photo that will terrify you then, with its dual combination of blonde hair and dorkiness. I'll see if I can find it.

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    blinc - swap hair then? Though i'm growing it long (thanks for the tips btw ) I just don't have the patience!

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    Hah, yeah, that would be handy. Although part of the reason I'm thinking of getting it cut short is I seem to be having a lot of trouble with breakage. I haven't even been very hard on it.

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    Blinc - dont cut it off. Just trim off the dead ends and use lot's of conditioner. Even better - put conditioner just on the ends and leave it - don't rinse it out.
    Do that and your hair will feel like silk.

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    Yeah. I agree, don't cut it off. I know people who've had long hair but cut it off, and later regretted it very much (as it's not something that is easilly replaceable).

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    We'll see. I've had it both ways before.

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    Holy crap, Winged Eddina has not one, not two, but THREE pieces of Transformers memorabilia in her photo! That's so cool!

    I've got a Decepticon symbol poster in my cube at work =).

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