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Thread: Legacy of Kain Community Chat Photo Album

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    Smile Legacy of Kain Community Chat Photo Album

    Well, there are a lot of new faces in our stomping grounds. I figured it was time to update Ye Olde Photo Album.

    Feel free to post a recent picture of yourself in this thread.
    Please refrain from including any signature images.

    EDIT: In order to keep the load time relatively decent, we ask that you only post the URL to your images rather than insert them directly into your posts.

    This thread is designed to get to know each other a little better and to have fun.
    Please refrain from igniting ANY flame wars and/or spamming this thread. If problems in these areas occur, I will delete it.


    Images appearing in this section are NOT public domain.
    Meaning they stay within the confines of this thread and should not appear on any other external website, message board etc. without anyone's expressed permission.

    PLEASE REFRAIN FROM UNNECESSARY DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD. Comments on the photos can be made here.

    With that out of the way. Let's have some fun with this thread, shall we?

    If the links don't work properly, right-click, and copy the URL and paste it into your browser's address bar.



    Ardeth Silvereni

    Feel free to add only photos to this thread.

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    Well, my cheap digital camera doesn't work with Windows XP but I was at a lan party a few weeks ago, so I have a recent pic. For some reason I look like a little kid cuz' my monitor seems so huge.

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    Oh, just for giggles, my old S.T.A.R.S badge.

    Hey, if Willow can be a cartoon I can be a member of S.T.A.R.S.

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    Heres one of me!

    It's a bit big, 70k though...

    Heres my tattoo too

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    Ok, here is my pic:

    Its my gallery, but the pic at the top is me!

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    Mwahaha, you all get the see my ugly mug again!

    I'd just like to point out, I look like I'm on drugs in the following pics. I'd like to reassure people this is not the case, the pics where taken at half eight the following morning, after drinking and having a good old-fashioned 'stay-up-all-night'!

    Me 1

    Me 2

    Me 3

    Also, I was playing around with my hair too, so ignore pic 3

    Pic one or two are my personal favs, make me look all nice

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    Heres a new one of me with my shaved off beard

    Please do excuse the mess which is my hair.

    Also, you may notice something blue in the pic.. dunno what the hell thats doing there

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    OK here are my pics. (I hope your screen won't explode from the hidious item that is known as my face.)

    Wonder why I'm holding my Terminator Dawn of Fate game ?
    Trust me, you don't want to know.

    Here's my tattoo, it's from Tekken.

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    Well, I made a few pics with my webcam today...But then I thought "Hey, Might as well make a little table for them" But then the page looked too bare..So Thus, You have a little profile to go with it,

    Warning: Can be a few pop-ups.
    Profile Page

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    Maryland, USA
    Because it's been a while (and I went to the trouble with Photoshop to revise this) -- this is an edit of one of the Lestat/me pics from Halloween.

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    Heres a realy terrible Cameraphone pic of Me lol!

    aaah blaming the camera, how British

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    since i dont own a digital cam. i have used a pic i found on the internet. there are some of my friends in there to but i have used all of my superior graphic design skills to highlight my self..
    sooo guess who is me!!
    i dear you not to open this link

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    this is me after the mushroomhead show i whent too in mn, im the guy on the left (the one smiling and without the 40) the other guy is Jason "J-Mann" Popson one of the singers of mushroomhead (recently departed the band though )

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    Here is a pic of me taken last week. If any of you remember me, I just recently chopped off my waist length hair.


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    Don't know why I'm doing this this just confirms my sillyness.... Okay the one thing is it is hard to find pictures of myself because of my shutterbugness, so i have the recent ones that i have.

    Me at my cousin's weading.... Crista stole the camera from me

    My Witch Hunter Robin Dresss

    (I love that dress, go to my deviant art site for some details... I do need to take more and better detail shots of that it)

    My shadow
    I got bord.

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    Cool Hand at the level of your eyes...

    Well, I suppose now's as good a time as any to post a snapshot of myself. It's so strange to look at myself with short hair again... this'll take some getting used to.

    Ack, kill it, kill it!

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    a more recent piccy of meee
    If it doesn't hurt you're not doing it properly

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    here i am, in my cave. my crappy digital camera takes poor quality pics... fortunately in this case.

    "We are now at terror alert level orange; which means something could go down somewhere, in some way, at some point in time, SO LOOK SHARP!"
    -Stan Smith, American Dad

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    Possibly my worst picture of all time when i was vastly drunk.


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    I decided it was about time I had a face:

    "If events are matched closely enough to course, they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes." ~ Scorpius, Farscape

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    Well, posted these in the ECC forum, so thought I'd better post here too:

    Me One

    Me Two

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    Suppose i should update me pics...seen as it has been a while.

    so here are a couple of pics with me and my swords.
    Sword 1

    Sword 2

    Sword 3

    Sword 4


    Marcus: you tried to make me pretty.
    KAIN: I seem to have failed.....

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    Unfortunately, my hair is no longer in this haircut, nor is it that color (had to cut it off for an audition AND bleach it back to blonde ;-; )...but it looked so awesome that I had to take lots of pictures. :P

    What my hair looked like before I cut it. And I was still my work uniform when I took that. Lame.

    And here's my bad fuzzy webcam-type pic. That I took with a digital camera.

    I love that hat.

    No, really. I love that hat.

    There's the back.

    And there's the sides.

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