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Thread: Community Art Gallery

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    Community Art Gallery

    I did a search for art and could not find one topic for all to share their art, only scattered topics with art plastered everywhere. So I thought it would be nice if we had one place to showcase our talents.

    Share any art you have. If it's LOK, great, if not, show it anyway. I myself do not have any LOK art to display yet, I have one LOK piece in progress that I will add to this link soon. Enjoy!

    hippiechks gallery

    Can't wait to see what the rest of you have.


    MOD EDIT: Please utilize this thread for artwork only. A discussion thread has been established here for any comments you may have on any particular piece featured here.

    Also, to keep the load time of this thread relatively decent, please post links to your images, rather than include the images directly in your posts.


    ~ Umah Bloodomen ~

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    Added 3 LOK pieces to hippiechk's gallery
    (Last 3 images there.) They are not quite done yet, but almost. I think I might combine them to make one finished piece.

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    Smile Shelter of a Child

    This artwork is dedicated to my son, who is very precious to me. I belatedly realized that it is Mothers Day coming up, So Happy Mothers Day too!

    Shelter of a Child

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    Here's my latest piece…

    Edit - fixed bad link

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    Ya... looks as real as a photo... good work on that! *grin*

    Did this thread die btw? I used the search function to find it... oh well.. here's some more art spam from me!

    "I Lust" (non-LoK art)

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    It was indeed Esoteric. She also did one of Riovanes.

    Portraits anyone?

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    The Dreamscape Gallery

    My artwork, I haven't updated the site in a little while, but it has some of my work from Sherman3d and VibeForce on it.

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    i hope you people dont mind if i post my sketch here...


    its a little messy since I drew it while waiting for my instructor...

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    Thumbs Up

    I like what I see from everyone.

    I suppose it wouldn't hurt to share what I entered into the Fan Art contest awhile back. I originally drew it on Notebook paper, before editing a graphic to put the finished product on. (Blame the coloring job on willow ).

    Ariel (Notebook sketch)

    Ariel (colored by willow)

    This is the first thing I have actually drawn in ages. (Drawing was more of my thing when I was little, although I do have plans to try my luck with it again soon. ). I'm a bit rusty (as I am sure you can see). Kindly keep the criticism constructive.

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    This is my bro's portfolio. He's taking game design in a game school in Vancouver.

    (if that doesn't work, go to the main page and check My Artwork folder. I'm pretty sure you can check other folders as well )

    I'm trying to get him to draw Raz, but he's been busy drawing for his client.

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    That's actually my car! It's the most precious thing in my life right now. It's my baby
    My user name is actually a combination of the car model and the license plate I used to have in Oregon. Too bad when I moved I couldn't get that name so I shortened it to ECL RVR now.

    (For the Vancouverites: feel free to say hi if you see me drive by )

    Esoteric and JL: my bro is going to CDIS (next to BCIT).

    This is what I've done so far for LOK related. I do have necklaces and rings but I don't have any pics of them.
    Check the home folder.

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    Well... Like i said on my other post, i would post the pics ive edited here, lol (actually i was torture soo that i could put them here, lol)

    Im posting them from 1st ive made to last one ive made:


    Kain and Raziel

    BO2 Kain

    Fallen Raziel (Yellow)

    Fallen Raziel (Red)


    I have some sketches of SR but i dont have a scanner, im trying to get a scanner, and when i do ill post some of me sketches...

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    Now you can see the latest version of my sig image at my signature.

    I might still improve it somehow so feel free to give any suggestions.


    This is the image I used for the moon in my sig. I couldn't find any copy-free images of Moon so I decided to make one from scratch. It turned out pretty good though only ordinary brush and smudge tool were used.

    Edit: Sig removed, scroll down for new version.

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    What do you mean in matching?

    Well heres another one i just did, not that good but i was just testing new stuff while i was making it...

    Destiny Awaits

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    Here is a great place for LoK fan art:

    I am also on there with a few of my abominations at:

    The work you guys are showing is excellent!

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    I randomly decided to draw Raziel a few minutes ago. I'm proud of the fact that I did this totally from memory, too (ok, I glanced at my Raziel figurine once or twice)

    Raziel sketch

    Yeah, it's sketchy. That's just my style. If you don't like it I'll give you a full refund

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    to feed the reaver or to satisfy my hunger...

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    Heres one i just made, i call it Blood Kain because i change the color of skin & added that blood effect like if blood was dripping down his face.

    Blood Kain

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    Avenge yourself

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    drum roll please…

    This took me all week…

    Final Product

    Final product w/ reference

    I originally planned to do the splash art from the new site, but it would only print a bitmapped image. So I went with the wallpaper instead. So, what do you think?

    Edit: Fixed links - again.

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    Arrow Check it out!

    Here's a pic that I drew today of Raziel.
    Raziel by MDN

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    Here is my pic, this is of an original character named Xenototh I use in a RPG.


    I too do not have a scanner, I took a pic of it with my digital camera.

    Edit: To explain what he is, um, in the RPG there are characters from all times pulled to a pre BO era, Xenototh is from 2 thousand years before this era and is the first Siring of Vorador. Humans then were much more barbaric, hence the garb. He is 200 years old in unlife, 28 years as a human, so he has not evolved to the three fingered, cloven feet version yet. He wears animal skins, the gauntlets on his arms have accentuated claws/talons which are even longer then his own, deadly weapons indeed. His sword is huge, and is imbued with the magical essence of Vorador.

    Oh, and I will post the link for the RPG, just because it would be rude to them not to.

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    For anybody who gives a durn, you can find my stuff at: Esotero @

    My latest piece is an OC and ended up looking alot more wizardy than I meant it to. Then again, the pic kinda started off being something (someone) ELSE to begin with, so I blame that. I just went with the flow I guess.

    Mhekar - Incubus

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    Feast ur eyes on this...

    I have finally got my butt around to updating my site, which is really hard now that I have relocated to Japan until next july/aug.
    I actually finished all these pictures before I left the UK..

    They are my best to date, and I hope that you all love em!!!
    Will be sending prints off to CrystalD soon! You all rock!

    For all those who read the info about my current comic. It`s on its way...gimme a lil time and I promise it`ll be finished!

    and if that link fails

    All comments graciously accepted!!
    Peace out
    õChibi Jõ

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