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Thread: Community Art Gallery

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    I am The Hylden!! Hehe

    Edit: Fixed the link

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    Here are some of my creative offshoots of the past months, not exaclt y LOK related I hope that's ok... although one is a little vampire related .

    First a CG model of a little girl in a halloween outfit. I didn't design it, that was the work of Ken Wong. It was made for a little contest that was running on CGTalk a while ago. She was to be made into a statue if it got 1st place, but alas it got 3rd place... anyway.


    That was that one, next is a little more recent. Again for a contest on CGTalk, just in a different cattegory, gameart, with the topic "Beasts of Battle", which in essence means choos an animal and put him in a uniform. I designed him entirely.
    \They're still judging on that one, but I'vew been getting some good responses on it already.

    Panda Flame Trooper


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    My own humble contribution to the amount of fan art that's available. | |

    "It's like Shakespeare with pointless murder." -gryps incedio talking about the LOK games.

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    zombie Guest

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    From the edit made in the initial post of this thread:
    MOD EDIT: Please utilize this thread for artwork only. A discussion thread has been established here for any comments you may have on any particular piece featured here.

    Also, to keep the load time of this thread relatively decent, please post links to your images, rather than include the images directly in your posts.


    Images have been changed to URL's and unnecessary discussion has been merged with the discussion thread.


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    I have three LoK fanarts that I've completed recently. I really need more practice, but I'm fairly happy with these.

    Vorador, Janos and Azimuth.

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    I've got a LOK parody comic. I've now got Tomlette's permission to steal her dialog.

    I'm not going to edit my post each time I update, though. | |

    "It's like Shakespeare with pointless murder." -gryps incedio talking about the LOK games.

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    Big Grin

    here's my own collection of LOK action figures.. hehe
    all made of plasticince

    The Happy Group
    From left to right: Elder God, Vorador, Sarafan Lord, Raziel, Kain, Moebius, Janos

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    Realy don't ask just read the comments.

    Raz and Bastet

    Raziel and Anubis

    Raziel and the Kings of Egypt

    Raziel with a jaw

    Raziel dark

    since i am lazy just click here and veiw the gallery there are many more fanarts, and other such things in there.

    the rest of the site

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    Post art

    Just a some art for FRPG...



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    Fan art

    Does anyone even look at this topic anymore?
    Anyway, here's a couple of peices of done for my LoK obsession.

    "Newton dropped the apple, I drop dummies."
    -Gil Grissom

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    Some of my Photography images

    Here are some of my first photography images ever, any feedback would be nice!

    These two are from the graveyard.

    This is a potrait of Chris a friend.

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    More fan art

    For a craptacular drawing of Turel and Raziel, go here:

    Yeah, I was in a hurry and it looks really bad....

    "Newton dropped the apple, I drop dummies."
    -Gil Grissom

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    Legacy Of Kain: TOPH

    Just wanted to show that I'm not dead yet

    this is a cover of my newcoming comic

    "powers be inside, friend, like your kidneys. you cannot lose them"

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    I was bored...and I've been playing a lot of Fatal Frame recently...soo...I made this craptastic drawing. Entirely with a mouse.

    Kirie's a vengeful spirit who wants everyone to feel her pain! She is also the main villain in Fatal Frame...

    Raziel is a Reaver of Souls!

    They Fight Crime!

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    Some new and old stuff, but I like this one of two other phtographers heads merged together.

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    Arrow Smoke has lost her mind

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    I found my old box of charcoal while cleaning up my apartment, and decided to do a mixed-media image using Photoshop to composite the elements and apply colouring and effects:

    Big for printing:

    Original charcoal version of Raziel:
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    Hi. I have art. >.>

    Ariel. Done in Paint BBS... I think.


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    More artwork. This one is inspired by Toon*Kain.

    Please 'scuse the ghetto background.

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    My stuff is here. There's not a lot up there yet
    If it doesn't hurt you're not doing it properly

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    It is so given this filename 'cause it came on the radio when I had to save it. I think.

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