Thread: The redesign of this was a Travesty

The redesign of this was a Travesty

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    Polygonish. horrid, need the six made but at least post seven to look more like 4.
    SNES/NES scale was a signature. 2 had some messed up weapon thing, but never mind that,
    1 was impressive on it's birds eye and smooth use of pixels.

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    When I was younger that is definitely how I felt about FF3, but when I got older I gave it a chance and really enjoyed it.
    The thing to keep in mind is that what you are seeing isn't how the things in the game are supposed to ACTUALLY look but they are symbolic representations of something else. You are supposed to use your imagination to flesh out the actual image in your mind. It's a lot like pixel art in that way; the things in NES games aren't supposed to be monsters and characters in blocky shapes, those are just symbolic representations that we are supposd to flesh out in our minds. I thought that the FF3 remake had a very distinct art-style that stuck out in my mind which gave the game personality and depth that frankly was kind of lacking from the original FF3 (as it was extremely open and low in narrative). While the original art-style was a signature, so too is the DS polygon style. It is a remake, not a replacement. The original game still exists and it is not meant to be removed and replaced, but the new version is just that. A new version of FF3 to stand side by side with the original.