I'm currently listening to the President's Speech....

Although I'm hoping Sahdam Hussein will do the smart thing and stand down (and leave Iraq)... I doubt this will happen (due to his history...)

I can honestly say I'm scared like hell... I've never been in a war (refering to sitting at home while our governments are fighting.. and not beeing in a war as a soldier....).

I think the only 'wars' ive been alive on was that 'Operation: Desert Storm' (I think thats what the codename was... ) and the dreadful september 11th attack events (i.e 'war on terrorism').

I don't know why... Maybe too many modern RTS (real time strategy) games.... I just imagine war being tanks driving around the city..... being nuked and stuff

Suffice it to say, we don't have nearly the same ammount of 'power' in military units as you do (I doubt someone has anything close to your power...). ... And im living in the Capital of Canada (Ottawa... Capital of Ontario is Toronto..)...

So... its safe to say that we'd be a somewhat tempting target

What do you guys think about this 'war' strategy?

The way I see it, Either the Americans move forward and stop him before it gets worse or the Americans back down, making it look like they're 'weak'... giving Sahdam a reason to attack...

Either we go to war now, and try to save as many lives as we can or we wait and let this turn into WW3/WWIII.

So.. your opinion?