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Official Site...Please...

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    Thumbs Up Official Site...Please...

    The game (putting aside the fact that it may be delayed or something) is around 2 months away, and Eidos/Kronos hasn't even made an offical site yet? What's up guys? -_- And Kronos, you haven't even updated your site since, what was the date, August 1, 2001? Geez.

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    Some new screen shots just got released:

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    That's kind of...dissapointing...heh. Some of those pics were in an issue of Game Informer a few months ago, and the others were in...Official Playstation Magazine I think.

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    Yah I know, and it sucks that there's so little info regarding Inferno out.

    Unfortunately, we're at the point to where game makers deliberately hold back details so they can wait for E3 and make a "big presentation" of displaying their future releases. It happens every year with every developer, SUCKS, and we'll just have to wait until E3 whether or not we want to.