Thread: Did You Like Most play with SORA OR RIKU?

Did You Like Most play with SORA OR RIKU?

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    IN Normal STORY MODE (Sora)

    IN Reverse (Riku)

    My is:

    Reverse: RIKU was amazing! playing like him!

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    While I thought both stories were awesome, the fact that Riku had a preset deck that usually sucked, could never contain cure, and was unable to use sleights, forcing the players to button mash, makes me prefer playing as Sora. With Riku I can usually get to level 40 before I get fed up with the button mashing and then skip every single optional battle on my way to the end of the game. With Sora I usually battle every enemy a room has to offer and usually make it to level 80 by the time the game is over. His deck customization was just so much fun and his sleights made battles take about 5 seconds!

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    ya but riku was able to get alittle better from enemy cards.... and for his "CURES" he had Mickey.... all i needed .... i liked both about the same.. its the first time i actually seen sora that Upset when Larxene hurt Namine!!!

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    I guess if you have a ton of HP then you don't really need cure, but I don't like to increase HP if I can afford it. But increasing HP makes the game too easy. And the enemy cards barely did anything for Riku. The only three usable ones were Maleficent Dragon, Oogie Boogie, and Laxeus. the others just made it more difficult to find those three in your deck. Though I hear that Re:Com fixed Riku's combat up with the addition of Duels, I look forward to seeing how they work in 1.5.

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    Re:Com was really fun... I liked the added content ... HP for Riku isnt really needed but twice for the first 4 worlds even on hard.... Im a KILLA

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    Trust me Riku without any HP increases is about as close to impossible as you can get.

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    well i guess i will challange that....

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    Do it, it's insanely fun.

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    I prefer playing as Riku; Sora's story is more or less just Kingdom Hearts: Abridged, so aside from the events with the Organization I found it terribly boring.

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    Sora has a larger variety of abilities.

    Riku is a faster, more powerful Sora.

    Both have their pros and cons, but I much prefer Riku. Not only as a character, but his gameplay is bit more refined.