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Thread: It's back! The "Make your own superhero" thread!

It's back! The "Make your own superhero" thread!

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    I've never been good at coming up with well-rounded characters--or story plots, for that matter. Pity, since I do like to write stories. And I'm certainly no good at on-the-spot improvisation, particularly in front of large groups of people. I just sort of crawl into a corner and hide in those situations.

    Kidding. I'm not that badly off...yet...

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    I dont think someone starts off as "completley comfortable" with taking in large groups (aka speeches). I know I'm not I try to avoid speaking in large groups entirely

    I just my internet going. My Cat decided to make a meal out of my internet cable (the wire that connects my computer to our hub... Its like this; "cable modem"-to-"hub", "hub"-to-"computers" (we got 3 computers; so its "hub"-to-"comp1","comp2" & "comp3")

    "hub"-to-"comp1" was eaten thru by my cat...

    So it wasnt that bad.. my dad and my sis could still use the net, but not me...

    Oh weel, I'm back and im kicking!

    narrowly avoids Rook

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    Big Grin Yer BAAACK!

    ***dodges Defender's flying foot***

    Ay! Watch it there!

    Nah, I'm kinda lucky not having any pets. Don't have to worry about that stuff. I just end up worrying about everything else instead--and I've only got the one computer to contend with. Thankfully nobody else has a use for it.

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    Then you're missing out on something

    Pets are amazing, im just a little paranoid.

    They walk next to the window, I keep.. em? Picturing them falling out the window.. We're on the 4th floor you see... I know "cats always land on their feet (paws)" But how far can they safely land?

    One of my cats fell off the fridge and didn't quite make it in time. She was ok, but didnt land on her paws....

    Eugh. Comes with the territory I guess

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    Well, I've had them before: cats, dogs, fish, mice, snakes, hamsters, rabbits...there are probably a few I'm forgetting... I just don't have any at the moment. We've thought about getting another dog, though. I just helped my mom get one a few weeks ago.

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    Noah's Arc

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    LOL Probably would have seemed that way if I had had all of those animals at once. But they were separated by a number of years (and the mice and hamsters only live a couple of years anyway)...

    Speaking of which, maybe I need a superhero with animal attributes--like Wolverine. Still thinking, though.....

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    Only thing Wolverine has like animals is his claws (thats what they call them? right? the things that come out of his knuckles).

    Well. The "Wolv" part of his name is close to "Wolf" .. (well... I guess its as close Wolv is to Wolf as to Worf is to Wolf... )

    I had 4 cats. 1 when I was very young (before 5years old) and 3 now. We got 1 in ? 98 (the year of the ice storm). another one in 99 or late 98 and got one in 2001.

    So we got 3 cats right now. All female.. All curious.. All awake 24/7

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    Big Grin

    Well, Wolverine does have those heightened senses, too. I think he's basically got the same abilities as Sabretooth.

    Oh, and here's a real wolverine for ya.

    Last time I had any pets, they were dwarf hamsters, and they were mean little biters!!

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    i wonder if anyone's ever tried dressing up a REAL wolverine like the x-men (comics, not movies) wolverine... hehehhee

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    Big Grin

    They don't seem quite friendly enough to put up with that. In any case, that is an amusing mental image, a real wolverine in that funky yellow getup.

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    The Wolverine (animal, not x-men) looks like a racoon?? :-/

    Whats funny about the xmen commics and the movie (the first one). Wolverine says, when they get in the jet/plane/whatever you call it... "Atleast it's not yellow spandex"

    shivers at a real person dressed in such a odd costume

    It works fine in comic books... but in the real world?

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    a wolverine is more like a badger (than it is like a raccoon), i think... although i guess raccoons are too kinda. but wolverines are more vicious.

    i loved that line in x-men. i don't think anyone would speak badly of someone in real life who had an adamantium skeleton and claws dressed up in spandex it also depends on how it's done... superman looks good in it. batman would if tey'd ever do it RIGHT. spider-man looks good in it... it's usually when it's done on tv or movies an the directors or costume departments screw it up, it usually looks like some fan-boy with little skills put it together.

    but it's also easier in comics to give it the mood shading required to make it look cool uniform lighting in a comic would just be drawings on a page...

    but if you look at that picture, the highlights off the lighter fur are kinda yellow-ish. maybe that's why they made it brown and yellow for a while in the comic, and then later changed it to black & yellow.
    actually in "birds of prey", on the dubya-b, they did batgirl's outfit VERY well. and what little they showed of batman's in the first episode, that was pretty good too. as i recall, he didn't have the stupid crappy rubber armor of the movies. i don't think the cape that actor was wearing as quite heavy enough, and it wouldn't have borne his weight as ANY kind of parachute.

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    Yah. I also liked the B.O.P's take on the Batgirl costume. Makes me think of the animated series's batgirl costume (with the kid as robin. Forgot his name.. ? Grayson left for some reason and became? Night Wing was it?)

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    yeah that's what i meant. the animated series batgirl costume is basically unchanged form the barbara gordon batgirl costume in the comics, which is way it's good. batman's is the same, too (it only looks blue in comics because that's a shading trick used to give highlights to black -- that's why veronica has blue streaks in her hair in archie comics).

    dick left from being robin and later to nightwing because he just started to have a falling out with bruce. teenage rebellion-type thing, wanted to find his own way, etc etc etc.

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    Ah. I thought the 60's batman was based on the comic books...

    Cause Batgirl's costume in that show was wierd...

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    the 60s batman was based on the 60s comics. that was weird in and of itself (the comics). the batman from the 40s was semi-cheesy, but at least there was still a dark feel about the storylines. and the ones from the 30s were crime / drama, so they were pretty dark too. and then everyone started this happy-feely crap in the late 50s through most of the 60s, and that translated across to everything. they decided to go with the idea that comics are only for kids, and so started making them that way, while before the storylines were drawn out and intricate.

    then in the early-to-mid-70s the batman books started getting darker again, culminating with dick leaving and bruce getting meaner as a result, and then by the 80s jason todd coming in and then eventually getting killed, and so on.

    so, in essence, the 60s series and the 60s comics were a dark dark time in the history of the storylines... but not a good dark. maybe i should say it was a dork dork time.

    the closest thing you'll ever see on tv (to the comics) about the bat is the animated series.

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    Jason Todd??

    All batmans I know off (aside from "Bruce Wayne" is "Terry" from Batman Beyond. Wicked Show.. Gotta get me THAT batsuit )

    50s? 40s?? 30s?!?!?!

    Em.. How old are you?

    I was -33, -43 or -53 years old!!

    Dont suppose you know who wrote the first comic book?

    You know lots about this stuff... All I really know about comic books is that the #1 issue is valuable.

    Well.. That and Stan Lee apears in his comic book -to- movie versions...

    In Spiderman, he appears at the festival right after the cop reaches for his radio (the one on his shoulder). You can only see him for a split second..

    In DareDevil (saw this in one of the trailers). He's walking along the road reading a newspaper and gets stopped by ?? The SuperHero as a kid guy... Then a bus flies pass em. He looks shocked.

    Thats about it for movie stuff.. I hear that there's a Hulk movie in the works... (saw that at the spider-man movie.. the movie previews before the actual "featured presentation" starts..)

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    >Jason Todd??
    we discussed this above when dick left, jason todd became the next robin. his dad was employed by and then killed by two-face. then after that, dc had a whole big "call in and vote on the fate of jason todd" and most of the people didn't like him, so the readers voted to have him killed off, so the joker killed him. (death in the family storyline -- look for the trade paperback in stores!) then later, tim drake figured out that bruce was batman, and later signed on as robin.

    then after THAT, bruce met up with bane, and bane broke his back, because he cheated -- he relesed all the arkham inmates and batman ran hmself ragged trying to get them all back under control. then bane came in while batman was way too tired to fight and beat him. then dick became nightwing and azrael was the bat for a short time, until bruce healed up, came back, and kicked his butt. (knightfall, knightquest, and knights-end story arcs... except knightquest isn't available in trade paperback i'm STILL searching for issues from that arc)

    that was 1993 i think, and at the same time, doomsday killed superman and hal jordan went crazy and killed the whole green lantern corps, and ganthet, the last guardian, made kyle the new green lantern. kind of a re-vamp of all the storylines. then the current superboy was cloned from superman's dna, and steel made some armor in homage to superman -- hence, the beginning of two new heroes (except i think something's happened to steel since november, i'm not sure)

    or was dick nightwing before that... i forget. shortly before that, at any rate. and he got the name nightwing from superman. it was the name of a hero in kryptonian legend / mythology.

    and then after all that, hal (previously green lantern, now parallax) decided to try to change time, and aquaman ended up losing his hand in the end of that -- hence the shirtless, bearded aquaman with the hook. i'm not exactly sure when green arrow died.

    in the batman cartoon, they skip jason todd and go to tim drake, but they give him the non-death storylne of jason todd (dad employed by & then killed by two-face, etc), for the same reason they had to skip barbara getting shot & paralyzed by the joker.

    >Em.. How old are you?
    isn't that in my profile? 29 now but i always feel like i'm 22. and when i was 22 i still felt like i was 18. i stopped collecting comics in about 1989 or 1990, and then around 95 i used to just get the "elseworlds" comics (gotham by gaslight is my favorite). but then with the advent of the earthquake, i started collecting again in mid 1999 (no man's land story arc), and then i had to go back and get the ones i was missing that i wished i would have had (knightquest). i haven't been able to buy any since november though :'( that's why i dunno what's going on with steel.

    the first comic book ever?

    they've already started a huge toy push for the hulk. action figures and the like, but the best thing that's been going in the stores are these huge foam hulk fists that have batteries in them, so they make noise everyone loves 'em, they're so great. i want to get them and wear them to sparring in kara-te hehehe

    batman beyond was a good show. i wish they would have kept making new ones.

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    Big Grin

    Originally posted by glamiss

    they've already started a huge toy push for the hulk. action figures and the like, but the best thing that's been going in the stores are these huge foam hulk fists that have batteries in them, so they make noise everyone loves 'em, they're so great. i want to get them and wear them to sparring in kara-te hehehe
    LOL I saw those at a store a couple of days ago. I wanna get a pair and wear them to work.

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    Originally posted by glamiss
    >Jason Todd??
    we discussed this above when dick left, jason todd became the next robin. his dad was employed by and then killed by two-face.
    Hmm.... That sounds like greyson in Batman Forever (Chris O'Donnell). His family was killed by Two-Face... You know, at the circus. When they tried to get the bomb out of the tent to save everyone...

    Yah. I also know of all the "collectors" stuff... If you keep a popular toy, or basicly anything in mint (is that how its spelled for this meaning??) condition for a few years, the value of that object will/would increase.

    Some people think its crazy... But some people out there got all their money from keeping this "junk" !!!!

    Keeping an old toy is worth alot more than keeping the newspaper

    EDITED: Ok. I give up!! I tried to write d.i.c.k greyson alot of times and it gets censored!!!!!! Bah!!! runs and kicks the computer hard

    Oh! Also, check out this site for you video gamers!!

    Watch the trailer

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    Kinda makes me wish I would have kept all of my old Star Wars toys (and my uncle's) from when I was a kid. Can't even imagine how much all that stuff would be worth now. I had the Ewok village thingy, and some of the action figures (though I never did seem to get my hands on any of the main characters), and God only knows what all else. I think my mom threw all that stuff away. She was notorious for doing that sort of thing.

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    i'm not trying to censor bypass here, but for cripes sake, it's his name! so:
    dick = d[color = 000000]i[/color]ck except without the spaces.

    so anyway.. i never watched anything past the 2nd batman movie. i wasn't even going to see THAT, considering how bad the first one was, but i decided to give it a chance. at least it had christopher walken

    they haven't really said, but i think there's a 12 or 13 yr difference between bruce & dick. bruce wasn't batman for too long before d's parents were killed (in the actual storylines, comics), and he adopted him, and then depending on the writer, d was anywhere between 8 and 12.

    later in back-stories (where they show you what happened) it's pretty much generalized that there was a short period where he (bruce) was going out at night as batman while d wondered why he was never around. and then for some reason he (dick) found out or was let in on the secret, i can't remember which that was. and depending on which writer was given the story: some of them, the mobster who was trying to squeeze the circus for "protection" money and then put acid on the trapeze ropes was working for himself (mafia), and some writers have THAT guy employed by two-face (and in that scenario, it would have had to have been VERY shortly after he had the acid hurled in his face)

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    Hmm.. In the movies, it shows .. em? Harvey Dent? (Two-face before he was two-face)... Being attacked by a crowd with an acid covered piece of paper...

    Also.. if im not mistaken.. Harvey Dent was the DA in the first Batman movie (played by Keaton). I think he was a lawyer in the animated series (with bruce as batman... when the animated series started off.... The batcave entrance behind the grandfather clock...)

    As for dick greyson's story.. I think thats the part thats more consistent between the comic books and the movies!!! .. Parents killed at circus by Two-Face or someone who works for him...

    you can also use color=black .... might be easier

    EDITED: Hmm.. I think this is topic that stayed on the same subject for the longest time!! Super-heros Yay!!

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    yes, two-face's real name is harvey dent. he was the district attorney for quite a while until he helped to put away someone in the mob, and that person threw acid in his face at trial.

    he was usually quite a good man, but had a very bad temper, which showed rarely... the fact that he was both bruce's friend and batman's friend as harvey makes him a very very tragic villain

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