Thread: Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy 6 difference?

Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy 6 difference?

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    Someone help? appreciated!

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    From what I understand, the Japanese "FF6" is the American "FF3" (they are the same game, but different titles - probably due to the fact that more FFs came out in Japan than were released here[?]).

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    Squaresoft named JP FF4 "FF2", and JP FF6 "FF3" in the US because they didn't want to confuse us. FF1 didn't make it over here until 3 years after its JP release. Squaresoft had already made two more games in that period of time. I don't think the company had the cash at the time to give us all of the titles. I think they just gave us what they could. I just know that they wanted to avoid confusing us at the time. lol

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    You make it sound like they was just pumping out the final fantasy games, when actually... i hope u realize the reason its called Final Fantasy to begin with.. In case u dont it was nintendo's supposed last game before bankrupcy and it happened to be a fantasy game. I say Nintendo but it could of been the original "Square" been a few decade's..

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    FF1 = released in Japan and North America

    FF2 = originally JPN only

    FF3 = originally JPN only

    FF4 = released in Japan as FF4 and in North America as FF2 (only the SNES version)

    FF5 = originally JPN only

    FF6 = released in Japan as FF6 and in North America as FF3 (only the SNES version)

    From FF7, they were given the same number in all regions.

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    Thanks everyone!