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RPG Codes

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    RPG Codes

    This thread will be a list of the various codes and colors used in RPGs to clarify them.

    Italics: Actions, locations, Ship names, and station names are in italics.

    Bold Face: The name of the speaker is in bold. ie

    Commander: We're under attack!

    Green : Transmissions between ships are in green.

    Blue: Intercomm transmissions are in blue.

    Red: Alerts, alarms, and other computer announcements are in red.

    Add more if you can thnk of any.
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    Code 1: No player can kill a PC(Player Character eg Ghyron).

    Code 2: No player can control another PC by dictating thier actions and speaking thier lines unless they are obvious and neccessary. Acknowledging communications is acceptable but not the other players answer to that communication.

    Code 3: A player must be clear in their language as not to give the wrong idea. This can lead to anger/confusion and may even be the death of an RPG.

    Code 4: A player cannot place another in an unsolveable problem unless the problem is deemed so and accepted by a Game Master(either me or JSWY)

    Code 5: The solution to a problem must be realistic. Not just "I pressed the button and my whole army was phased to safety/the core stopped breaching/time reversed so the problem could never have occured."

    Code 6: A battle can only be finished by a Game Master. A player may start a battle by stating that their ship/ships/fleet has moved into range of another and has fired weapons. Then a Game Master will post with a desrciption of the ensuing battle.

    Code 7: No player can use Super Weapons without permission from a Game Master and RPG Creator.

    Code 8: What has been previously stated about something is to be taken as fact unless a Game Master says otherwise.

    To contact a Game Master send them a message through the forum's Private Messenger service instead of cluttering up the RPG.

    Allthough we cannot actualy punish you if you break these rules consistantly and willingly we can put you on our ignore list and ignore you for the duration of the RPG.

    Further codes may be added or changed, and could this thread be stickied please.

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    (Because your mods care.)

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    Point worth noting: Text in bold such as
    Scanning Officer Mr. Jelly recieving transmission: Wibble! Wibble! AARRRGGGHHHH! can be substituted for RPG colour coding. You should learn them though, as some prefer to use shorthand.

    Have RPG fun.

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    The way I've played since day I.

    Yeppers, here is how my posts work, observe...

    Speaking Text:
    Insert Person's/Thing's Name Here: "Insert Text Here."

    Action Text:
    <Insert Action Here.>

    Action During Speaking:
    Insert Person's /Thing's Name Here: "Insert Text Here {Insert Action Here}."

    Proper Nouns and Misc. :
    Ships go in Italics, as they do in the real world. I.E.: USS Kennedy.
    The Galaxy is mapped in X, Y, and Z codes from the number 0 (The top right hand corner). To 100,000; 10,000; 100,000. Although since the galaxy in the newest RPG has collided with another without major cataclysm, it has more than likely doubled each way.

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    Dark Red: Choatic actions rsulting in damage to ships or equipment due to chaos

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    There dosent seem to be a point in any of this. Something i would do goes like this.

    Action, whether it be ANYTHING, storys in books arent colour coded. Speaking would be something like 'Luke spoke quietly.'


    Action. If anyone else said anything 'The ship commander spoke loudly over the crakling intercom.'


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    You obay the rules or we...punish you er, I mean

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    Do the Powers That Be care?

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    No, but we have our own power. A little button called Ignore.

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    Re: The way I've played since day I.

    Originally posted by Exitium
    Action Text:
    <Insert Action Here.>
    I invented that!

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    We should do an rp...

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    who with?

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    I believe we should simply war on eachother for the sake of letting our underlings ignore our stagnating (if they are) economies and infastructure and concentrate on annihilation.

    Hey! That reminds me of the guy leading my country!

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    Thats a bit political for your usual forum banter, Kier, Exitium, stop changing your name!

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    Political eh? Let's see . . .

    "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today's discussion in the House of Represenatives revolves around the passage of a bill allowing the destruction of the planet Earth and a the construction of a new Hyper-Space gate. I take it that this bill was passed in the Senate by a huge majority, and as speaker of the house I believe this bill could open up new resources in the Terran system. Erm, yes represenative Al'Ah from Gaeme III?"

    "But aren't there a few billion sentient individuals living there already?"

    "No; the Dolphins and Cows moved out as soon as they discovered no intelligent life on the planet; save for a few mollusks of course."

    "I see, thank you."

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    Anyway, code 6 seems a bit draconian for such a small community as ourselves. Perhaps we should edit it? Perhaps to;

    Code 6: Drawing inspiration from Star Trek is fine, but just plain copying it is called plagerism and is illegal

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    Is there anybody out there? is this board a live?

    Hi lads, what's all the buzz around that RPG for startopia?!?
    I want in!
    I like startopia and RPG [cyberpunk, (A)D&D1..3 and the rest of them].
    How does it work?