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Thread: FF6 Remake?

FF6 Remake?

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    I can take the chibi style characters, it doesn't really detract from the games themselves IMO, just don't go back to the FF7/FF8 style characters. They were bad. Long legs/arms and a small torso made them crude to look at (not that the big heads are any better). but I digress, I never had the opportunity to play FF5/6 them on past consoles and would love see the first six titles playable on the 3ds. I know FF3/4 were for the DS but It would be great to see if SE could actually stick to one console; not going to lie I would be super PO if they make the remakes for Vita. in any event PLEASE MAKE THE REMAKE FOR 3DS!!!

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    God I would love if they remade this for DS and then ported it to PC it was by far my fav Final Fantasy of all time back when it was called 3 on SNES 4 and 6 had the best stories and those games made me care about what happened in them. now that we have 4 on the PC i really wish they would make this one for steam as well.

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    I'm not a fan of those DS remakes. I really think it could have looked way better on ps2/ps3 those days and they still have the chance to do it for ps4, pc or xbox one

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    Yes I agree with the whish for a PC Version! Totally!

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