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FF6 Remake?

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    How about a NEW game for a change? Remakes aren't new, they're a sign of laziness and lack of creativity. Remakes also usually suck because they like to retcon important scenes that fans have memorized by heart and ingrained into their childhood (e.x. When they cut the scene where Celes was being tortured in FF6 Advance).

    FF5 and FF6 will be remastered eventually anyway. It's obvious since the Game Boy Advance has been discontinued for a while now. REMASTER isn't the same as REMAKE. Remaster means that the games will be enhanced, not changed. Yeah, I would love to see them remastered again! What I really don't want to see are PS4 3D HD graphics on all of my old games. It doesn't tell the story any better and it doesn't immerse you into the world any better. It just ruins everything because they sacrifice gameplay and storytelling for graphics (see: FF13 was a disaster).

    This is part of the reason why I don't want an FF7 remake like all of the obsessed fanboys out there. As much as I love FF7 and as much as it's my favorite Final Fantasy game and my favorite videogame of all time, I actually have the love, honor, and respect for it to leave it alone. Those are qualities that the fanboys sometimes lack. These games in particular aren't just games to me; they're stories. Stories need to be kept alive and intact and retold to us and then retold again to the next generation so that we can learn from them and understand and remember their life lessons. Because those are the lessons that we carry with us throughout life; lessons that aid us in improving ourselves and lead us and our children towards living better lives.

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    The problem with news games for SE is that they take 5+ years to make them these days. But I see your point of remakes. I guess Remastering fits better with what I'd prefer too.

    Anyhow! Looks like that SE game that was coming to Wii U at PAX east is Deus Ex -

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    We already have enough remakes. The original is perfectly playable. In fact, I'm going through it right now.

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    Will probably get a remake or might a new re-release.

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    Originally Posted by Eternal
    Would you like to see this?
    Absolutely - as long as it retained the same sort of spirit as the original - and with the technology we currently have, it (ideally) would be like the difference between seeing something with the naked eye vs. w/ a telescope (not different in substance, just more fully visible/expressed and enjoyable).

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    This game deserves a 3D remake.

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    FF6 will suffer the same fate as FF5 as an iphone game.

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    Originally Posted by Magius

    FF6 will suffer the same fate as FF5 as an iphone game.

    This is the sad truth, such great games turned into nothing more than mobile games...

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    Personally, while a remastering of FF6 would be interesting... I also think it would be nice to develop all the stories surrounding FF6 - I'm still bewildered by the fact that we got an FF4: The After Years, but haven't seen an FF6: Prelude (an epilogue isn't really needed, but there is so much rich ground for developing stories around many of the characters pasts, with so many well developed characters and alluded to storyarchs, there is a lot that could be done with those, without tainting the original game)

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    I would be all for a FFVI remake. I actually really liked the FFIII and FFIV DS games, so I would've be fine with FFVI going along the same route. Originally I worried that the game was just too big for DS, but with the 3DS out, there may be a potential platform right there. On the other hand, I loved Kefka and Terra's designs in Dissidia, so a FULL FFVI game on that level would simply be epic.

    ...But I'm easy to place, so a 2D facelift is fine with me too, lol. I agree with Bryan, though. Would love some kind of episodic prequel game package like the episodes The After Years have. The original game did offer some decent flashbacks for some characters, but there's always room for more ;D

    (Also, I want to save Shadow indefinitely, damn it ;A; )

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    Given we just got FFV for mobiles, FFVI is pretty much a given now. I was wanting something more than a little touch up though.

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    3ds is excellent platform but until now, i just i don´t have heard nothing about that;

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    The new sprites for FFV Mobile looks very bland to me. I'm sure everyone else loves them though so I bet they'll be happy to see FFVI mobile...

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    ive been wanting this for years, but i dont wanna see another abomination like they did to FF IV graphically on the DS, if they are going to do a full on remake like they tried to do with FF IV then they need to make it for one or more of the following consoles, ps4, wii-U, Vita, Next-Xbox or i guess the 3DS isn't such a horrible idea (except for the low resolution 800x240 and 400x240 in 3D).

    they would also have to keep the map layout 100% intact, the active battle system nearly unchanged, the story 100% unchanged, and the leveling system including magic and summons unchanged (basically like how FF IV DS did), but that's all obvious. all the mobile ones are remastered ports not remakes and I am also fully against another IOS/Android version.

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    I would like to see a more graphically updated version of FFVI. Add voice acting but that is it!! No adding dungeons or new side quests. No changing scenes......well ok maybe adding the option to watch the entire opera instead of how the original game skips all but the relevent action points. If this never happens I am fine with that because I still think the FFVI is the best game in the series (sorry FFVII cultists but that is my opinion). Shining it up would be nice but the game is still great all these years later.

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    If they fix the Veldt and that god awful Colosseum I'll buy.

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    How about no remakes? i rather want to play a NEW FF game i belive SE can make a good FF game again with good gameplay.In a world where Magic and sciene coexist that would be great.

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    Originally Posted by gyigyo

    How about no remakes? i rather want to play a NEW FF game i belive SE can make a good FF game again with good gameplay.In a world where Magic and sciene coexist that would be great.

    A lot of people want remakes of the older games because, they're not getting what they want from the newer ones. The further we get away from the older game-design, the more it is missed. If SE would've taken their customers a little more seriously over the years, they probably wouldn't have ended up in this situation of replacing a CEO and laying off a bunch of workers. I know they can't just "up and make" everything that everyone wants. But, they need to start 'somewhere' with 'something', in order to maintain customer-loyalty. The customers are just as important to the company as its workers.

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    Play Lost Odyssey or Soul Hackers pleb.

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    Mobile gaming is where things are going now. FFV plays great on my touch and cannotbwait for FFVI. I hope they do the graphic style mote like the PSP remakes than FFV, but whatever works.

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    i think ff5 as a mobile game isa pathetic idea, who wants to play an old school ff game on a touch screen? they should leave the g ames on the consoles, and they should have re released it back when they were doing ff1, 2 ,3, and 4 for the psp! stupid SE has no idea how to put games out anymore, mobile isnt where it is at, people still prefer psp and vita compared to an ifone for a game like this!

    i also think when they rereleased ff3ds on the psp, they should have released it on UMD in the regions outside of japan, instead of psn only, as it was part of the 25th anniversary collection, as well as giving us an inhanced 2d sprite version of the game like ff1 ff2 and ff4 got on the psp releases, as well as the 3d ds version!

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    Truth be told... if they gave FF6 the same treatment they gave FF4 (with the after years), and put it on mobiles, I'd definitely buy it (though I'd much rather see it as a package like they did with FF4 on PSP... ) - in fact, it'd give me a reason to actually buy a phone that could run it.

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    i am actually pretty peeved over FF5 being released on mobile only. it shoulda been a psp enhanced edition.

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    Actually there are a lot of people that play games on smartphones. Square Enix knows more than us since they released many games on the App Store. I think they should continue to make games for all platforms, there's no reason not to release games for a certain platform when there's demand.

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    They totally should remake them on 3DS in 3D or 2D. They could then port that version if they chose to iOS and make more money like they did the others .

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