Thread: which lara?

which lara?

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    which lara?

    which lara croft is the voice of minoko? is it judith gibbons (tr 1-3) or jonell elliott (tr 4-6)?
    i was going to check the credits myself but it's taking me a while to get back through the last level again, and i'm lazy

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    This is gonna be easy... Give me a min...

    or not... :/ Bah! Project eden isnt even listed in this site!!! ARGH!

    Ok.. .em.. think.. ...... get a cup of coffee and try not to blink ?

    Sorry. I tried to do a search for it (both names, project eden, 'eden' and 'project' and it (project eden) never popped up....

    You can try your luck again here:

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    oh yeah i shoulda said that i looked for it there, all to no avail
    it lists tomb raider 1 - 6, and all kinds of other video games, but not project eden :'(
    my GUESS is it's jonell, since it's a more recent game. i actually didn't even notice it til i was re-playing it and she ran into a wall and went "unh!" like lara. then i listened to her talk hehe

    i wonder if it says in the booklet.... *checking... checking...* of course not. just the casting / production company for the voice work

    all i'm finding in a search online is pages and pages of reviews, which i just don't have the patience to wade through right now... i'm always a big enemy of movie critics and the like, and these people are no exception. kind of off my original question, but look at what one person wrote:

    "The graphics in Project Eden are average due to the fact that they were ported from the PC. The environments are superbly detailed ..."

    ok, so which is it? he says they're average, which they aren't, they're great. tomb raider 6 had better be this good (hopefully even better )
    and usually it's graphics on a pc that people always sya are better (but really it depends on how you compile it, i think, isn't it?), and then he turns around and says that they're superbly detailed. so i guess detail isn't great to this yahoo?

    these are people who don't like the thinking games...
    guess i'll search more tomorrow bed time for me...

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    Want to know the kicker? You'd have your awnser with the credits by now


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    yeha you'd think so but it took me like 20 to 30 minutes of flying the flyer around and shooting the monster-makers from another room to remember how to clear the hallway to get to minoko's father, with amber moving the downed power cable.

    then i paused it and went to bed after i let the tech out of his glass prison have to get ready for karate now, though, so i probably won't finish the level tonight... looks like the ps2 will be on pause all day again tomorrow

    soon the answer will be ours....

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    atlast! The awnser will soon be ours!! We can finally take over the community!

    MWAHAHAHAHAHA evil laugh

    'soon the awnser will be ours' sounds so evil genius-like

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    yesssss... eeeexcellent...

    of course, in my leaving for class i turned off the computer, the tv.... and the ps2

    now i have to start the last level over.... at least i remember the things that took me so long to get where i was last time.

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    the credits just show the same stuff the book does, like who the voice production company was, and doesn't give the names of anyone who did all the voices... grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i'm pretty sure it's lara 2 (4-6), jonell elliot

    i think it's funny how the brits always call it "MacDonald's" instead of "McDonald's"

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    Odd. every game I've played (and watched the credits) show who plays what voice.

    You know Odo from DS9? He plays a scientist (Dr. Mobius) in C&C Renegade

    I found alot of freaky stuff with the imdb site.

    Did you know the computer's voice (TNG, DS9, VOY) is Roddenberry's widdow? (he died a few months after tng started i think).

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    yes, majel barrett (sp?) who was also first officer aboard the enterprise under captain pike (no name), and nurse what's-her-name in the original series (she pined for spock), and deanna troi's mom on TNG, and of course the starfleet computer voice until roxanne dawson (b'elanna) came along (now it's kinda 50/50 -- you might hear one or the other's voice aboard a starship)

    i watched the credits of p.e. through, expecting them to fly by, and i was ready to write down all the names, and it just goes "Voice Casting and Production by" and then whatever the company's name is. it just kinda capped off a bad day for me, since i couldn't go to work because my car wouldn't start.

    on the other hand, i did find pictures of judith gibbins (tr 1-3) and jonell elliot (4-6) oh well...

    what's a good level to play over and over? i'm not too keen on doing the last level yet again, but i'm back into project eden mode and don't feel like putting in a different video game

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    the other nice thing about imdb is that you can create a free account there (i'm glamiss-1) and you can store and sort movie titles and set preferences (like showing ALL credits, including production crew and the like, or whether you want it to show adult movies in your searches), and you can store up to 10,000 titles (movies, tv shows, video games, whatever's listed)

    i currently have about 200 in "to get" "to see" "tape" and "dvd"
    i'd try out that imdbpro thing, but i'm broke....

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    Christine. Her name was Christine (nurse) but she was a doctor in the first TOS movie (ST The motion picture).

    Remember the blind girl with the ambasador in a box, if u saw it you'd go mad... She's the same person who played Dr. Polaski (?) on.. season 2 ? of TNG

    DeForest Kelly (Bones/Dr. McCoy) played on the first TNG episode. He was an ambasador at the time. Data was escorting him to the shuttle bay (you know how he feels about transporters..)...

    Lets see.. Quark is also the 2nd principle @ Sunny Dale High (Buffy). Ethan Phillips (Neelix) played a ferengi on a Enterprise episode (the 'first' time humans meet with ferengi..). Robert Picardo (EMH/Zimmerman) played on DS9 as himself (zimmerman) and on ST:FC as the EMH when crusher needed a distraction to evacuate sickbay (borg were breaking in).

    Shatner (a canadian! WOOHOO! We rule! ) & Nimoy (?) played in ST:Generations (shatner) and Nimoy played in.. ? 2 episodes of TNG.

    Its freaky when you see people you know from other series.. I remember watching Quantum Leap and I saw some familiar faces. I remember the girl who played Commander Susan Ivonava on Babylon 5 and a couple more which I cant put my finger on...

    Anyways.. I dont remember which one it is but the cathedral was a good map.