Thread: Tutorial Collection Xport File (and some errors in the tutorials..)

Tutorial Collection Xport File (and some errors in the tutorials..)

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    Tutorial Collection Xport File (and some errors in the tutorials..)

    I got bored so here's an Xport file containing all the levels you build when following the tutorials

    TS2 Tutorial Collection Xport file

    I also found the following problems when using the tutorials:


    Using Adapter 1 (13) means that you cannot access the upper levels and the zone markers there. Use Adapter 3 (15) (correctly placed of course) to allow access to the upper levels

    • The logic section gets confusing, is sometimes hard to follow with incorrect wording, instructions and not being clear on what you are meant to be doing (the location section is especially inconcise and hard to follow)
    • Enemy 9 is used twice in the instructions, the second time it is mentioned Enemy 10 should be used instead.
    • A pretty basic one this, you have it on the image but you forget to tell people to add a start point

    Details on which way to point teleporters, turrets, enemies, start points etc wouldn't go amiss either

    If anyone wants to put this Xport file on their site feel free (this goes for you too MMM ) credit to myself would be nice though

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    Excellent work gothi!

    ..and well done for spotting the mistakes (they were put in there to test to see if anyone actually tried to build them ).

    We will not be updating the site in the forseeable future but because the information you have in your post is important and useful I hereby make this thread sticky.

    Please report any other errors in the tutorials here. Try to keep this thread as clean as poss folks so that anyone being directed from the Eidos MapMaker Monkey site quickly finds the answer to their problems.

    Nice work gothi - thanks again.


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    Good work, gothi. I was thinking of doing the same myself to add to our site. Do you mind if we put it onto Custom Map Archives??

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    Of course I don't CountZero, feel free

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    Cheers, bud. Will update the site tonight. (I'll hopefully sort out the forum tonight too!)

    edit: You will now find the file on our website. We've also converted it to the US Sharkport version and added it to the zipfile.