Thread: Is it possible to make black light?

Is it possible to make black light?

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    Question Is it possible to make black light?

    I know that you can make dark grey light, but is it possible to have purely black light? I have been fooling around with the lighting settings and the best I can do is set the color to the darkest grey and do switch, making the pie as far black as I can. Please help me someone!

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    I've noticed this too. It IS possible to make the tile black but the light source in that room remains the brightest, yet if you make it one shade of grey brighter the light source suddenly becomes dark grey!!

    The only thing I can think of right now (without the game in front of me) is to choose the colour you wish to edit, make the colour black, then on the RGB values increase the Blue by the smallest amount possible. What this should do is create a very very deep dark blue that will appear to be black. If you can still see the room/tile then make your TV darker (- sorry there's no other way around it). Give that a try.

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    Easier way

    Highlight the top right color (the really dark, but not pitch black one) and press the button for edit (O for PS2, dont know any others) and you will see 4 bars. Grab one of the 3 bars on the right (not the left) and drag them down. You can drag them quite a bit further down than they were.
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    OK I'll try that stuff thanks

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    Oh, you can edit the colours? Wicked lol. Anyways, top right corner. It's almost pitch black.

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    Yeh but when you preview it you can still see the light. I want there to be no light. It would be ideal for a flame tag or virus match!

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    I've just been on my PS2 and it appears those damned light bulbs won't go out!! Sure, everything is black but the glare effect from the light bulbs is still visible! now THAT'S sloppy programming!


    I still love this game though!

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    Big deal. I now know how to make custom colors (hehe, so cool) and the black light, you can see a lightbulb yes, but look around and maybe a tad down, and you don't know where you are lol.

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    So I guess the solution is just to make a black light and use switch so it is black the most as possible

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    No I found the solution. Go to the darkest grey, then press whatever button to edit the color (my gamecube it's X). Then drag the left bar to the bottom, and it gives you pitch black.

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    Okay ,good to know, I'll try that stuff, I have GCN too.

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    Yeah, that's what I was saying. Go into EDIT (a feature that a lot of people overlook for some reason) and change the colour to the darkest black possible. BUT when you test it you can still see the lightbulb. Yes, everything else is not visible because it's all pitch black but that light bulb is still glowing. Is it me or are we all just repeating the same thing but saying it a different way!

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    Oops. I clicked back and it double posted.

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  15. is black light pitch balck? cos if you want uv light then get a purple.

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    Hey, hey, HEY!! I've just discovered something. It IS possible to get a completely black room. I noticed that if you use the ALIEN tileset you will get no bulb flares!! So use the ALIEN tileset to get the effect you were looking for!! And also those doors will look wicked in a black room!!!!!

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    Sweet. Alien's my fav tileset so it's all good for me . I was just experimenting with victorian and industrial. Something I thought of, is that maybe the developpers but a lightbulb in pitch black areas so that you don't get lost.

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    Maybe, but I reckon it's something that was overlooked!