Thread: Big and open vs. corridor based

Big and open vs. corridor based

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    Big and open vs. corridor based

    Which type of map do you prefer? A mixture? Why?

    Personally, I go for large, open maps with various coridoors connecting the rooms. High-risk areas (the middle) are always rewarded, either with weapons, health, armour or powerups. My CTB take, generally two floors, DM maps 3. I don't really build other types, occasionaly a Zones - 2 floors.

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    Good question. Personally I like to make story maps so I use a mixture of corridors and large rooms depending on what I'm trying to achieve. The corridors add tension and the large rooms give you more freedom of movement. I have made some CTB and DM type maps and I mostly used large open rooms (for those massive battles) and interconnecting corridors (in case you wanna escape with that bag )

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    i tend to have big big open spaces if want to acheive an outdoors feel, even though the tilesets can't achieve what i'm after. I'm making a story mission, with a 3x6 of large open room, and a fortress at one end. behind the fortress are lots of tunnels and enclosed spaces. A simple 'disable power generator, assassinate a Captain, then escape' mission.

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    When I'm making a story map I tend to make it quite confusing. When a key appears and hardly ever appears near you, it appears accross the other side of the map!
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