After playing this game I easily came to the conclusion that I wouldn't buy it or even recommend it to anyone!

My reasons for not liking it are simple;

1) Lack of interactive game play

2) Graphically the types of soldiers are indistinguishable from one another ie. They look like a few dots stuck together to represent a soldier on the battlefield.

3) The soldiers, vehicles, scenery are far to small as most computers are sold with 17"+ monitors and I've got a 19" monitor viewing at 1024x768.

4) It's tries to play like Command & Conquer with a Special Mission option with one character ie. Captain trying to fulfill a mission, but even if you've successfully called up re-inforcements and later on he is killed the game ends even with the tanks, troops etc are already fighting on the battlefield!

5) The land scenery detail is to small by not showing mountaineous areas etc in good enough detail.

6) The degree of accuracy by you and the enemy's artillery always appears to be always spot on target with no craters appearing on the ground.

7) Fighters & Bombers not being intercepted by enemy fighters plus not seeing the aircraft taking off/landing from their respective airfields.

8) Special Mission: the enemy's characters are predictable in where their location is.

9) There is no tank recovery vehicle to remove damaged tanks back to base!

10) Vehicles appear to head off by themselves to follow the enemy around the battlefield even when you gave no order to attack!

What I did like about it;

1) The transition from day to night with vehicles turning their headlights on and you do have the option to turn them off!

2) The way the parachuters fall to the ground.

3) The raid carried out by your bombers showing even they can be brought down by anti-aircraft.

My ideas to improve it;

1) Correct the errors as pointed out in my dislikes about the game.

2) Get your games developers to play Panzer General II to get an idea what game play is all about and it's really to keep the player coming back for more rather than throwing it in the bin !