Thread: What SE music is in your collection?

What SE music is in your collection?

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    Pretty safe to say that if you're playing SE games, that it's a given that one would have to like the game music as well. Therefore, out of curiosity, what's in your collection?

    Once again, SE finds ways to get my gil, although I've had these for awhile now.
    My collection:

    Full Game Soundtracks:

    Dragon Quest VIII
    Kingdom Hearts
    Kingdom Hearts II
    FF VII
    FFIX (Limited Edition)
    FF X
    FF X-2
    FF XI (Limited Edition)
    FF XII
    FF XIII-2
    FF VII- Dirge of Cerberus (Limited Edition)
    The World Ends With You
    Dissidia (Limited Edition)


    Melodies of Life- FF IX
    Eyes on Me- FF VIII
    Suteki Da Ne- FF X
    Redemption- FF VII- Dirge of Cerberus

    Special cds:

    FF Mix (Remixes of songs from FF IV and FF V)
    More Friends (Live)
    Feel/Go Dream (Yuna and Tidus Japanese voice actors)
    20020220 (Cd from the first live concert)
    FF IX OST Plus
    FF IX Piano Collections
    FF VII Piano Collections
    FF VIII Piano Collections
    FF VII Advent Children OST
    FF VII Reunion Tracks
    FF VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec EP

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    I have digital copies of most SE-related releases. Physical CDs, though:

    Original Soundtracks:
    FFVI (First Pressing)
    FFXIII-2 (US Version)
    Finest Box: Finest Fantasy for Advance IV/V/VI OST

    Arranged/B-Side Compilations:
    FFVI Grand Finale (First Pressing)
    FFXIII-2 Original Soundtrack+

    Piano Arranged:
    Piano Collections FFVI (First Pressing/Hard Cover Book)
    Piano Collections FFVI (Reissue/Jewel Case)
    Piano Opera FFI/II/III
    Piano Opera FFIV/V/VI

    FFIV Minimum Album
    FFVI Stars Vol. 2
    Passion - Utada Hikaru

    Music from FFV & FFVI Video Games

    Used to have the US Version of the original Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, but it got pretty heavily damaged and doesn't play anymore. Also have quite a few bootlegged records, back when they were a lot easier to accidentally pick up instead of the legit copies.

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    Final Fantasy VII OST
    Final Fantasy VIII OST
    Final Fantasy IX OST
    Final Fantasy X OST
    Final Fantasy X-2 OST
    Final Fantasy XIII OST
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST

    Chrono Cross OST

    Xenogears OST

    Parasite Eve OST
    Parasite Eve II OST

    Nier OST
    Nier 15 Nightmares & Arrange Tracks
    Nier Tribute Album
    Nier Piano Collections

    Those are the ones I own physical copies of, off the top of my head...

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    Here are mine

    FF I and FF II OST (the music coming from FF Origins)

    FF III OST (the music from the DS remake)


    FF V OSV





    FF X OST



    FF XIII-2 OST (that came bundled with the collectors edition of the game)

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    I only have the FF XIII-2 soundtrack that came bundled with the collector's edition and the song "The Promise" from XIII. Not as impressive as most here.


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    FFX, X-2, XII, Crisis Core, Dissidia, and XIII. All mostly on the computer, I don't have the CDs.

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    I love SE music. I started collecting merchandise with the soundtracks. I keep my collection updated here:

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    Does anyone know if the OST + from Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released here in North America?

    I have XIII-2 from my collector's edition of my game, but the rest I bought through itunes

    VII, VIII, XI, Dissidia 012, X, XIII, I, II, VI, XIII piano collection.

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    Amberfire, I don't think a physical release will happen overseas, but you can find the FFXIII-2 OST+ digital version for 9.99 USD on the US iTunes.

    Also, I forgot possibly the most important part of my collection! I have the Finest Box/FFIV/V/VI GBA OST promotional boxset.

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    Itunes is great for those hard to find gems even though I usually like physical copies of whatever is in my collection. (Had to resort to Itunes for Subarashiki Konosekai + The World Ends With You OST, which had songs on it the original release didn't...)

    Cd Addendum (Forgot about my SE anime soundtrack collections. ^_^')

    FMA (original series) OSTs 2 and 3

    FMA Best Collection (Original series opening and closing themes)

    FMA Song File (A 2 disc collection of random stuff sung by the Japanese cast)

    FMA Brotherhood OSTs 1 and 2

    Soul Eater OSTs 1 and 2

    Soul Eater Best Collection (Like the FMA counterpart)

    Final Fantasy: Unlimited OST 1

    Missing some of the newer FMA cds like the Milos OST but these holes in my FMA collection shall be filled eventually!