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PanzerClaws 'issues'

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    PanzerClaws 'issues'

    Hello, I am not much of a 'forum' individual - However I was wondering if anyone else had any of these 'issues' come up regarding this game.
    CD has a problem with auto-running, in CD-ROMs with speeds higher then 50X speeds.
    Lock-ups occasionally in the main menu page, either exiting a scenario or moving onto another scenario.
    And lastly, but not least...Does anyone else out there not have the 'campaign' portion on their cd set...Mine is either missing (IE no files or folders on the CD) or I have a bad 'burn' CD set. There is no campaigning available on my main menu screen.
    Just bought the game two days ago, English Ver 1.1, with registration numbers and all.
    I've addressed or attempted to address these matter with both Edios and Qzuxxez and am awaiting some sort of reply.
    Running Win98 SecondBuild, DX9.0, 800 P3, 60Gigs HD, NVidia card, no joystick, and all drivers updated and functioning within specs. Have even re-installed the game three times and still same 'ol issues...
    Thanks -
    E D

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    There is no button marked "Campaign", rather, there is Allied, Wermacht, & Red Army missions. In Wermacht is the first tutorial, and in Allied is the second. Once you have completed each of these in order, the other missions which are visible but greyed out will be playable, and each of those unlocks more of the campaign from there.

    Hope this helps.

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    As for the lockups

    We have experienced some slowdowns on the main page, this has to do with code optimized for XP, when running on 98, the game will, very rarely, hang for 2-3 minutes. While it looks like it's crashed, it usually isn't, although if there's something wonky in how the game is interacting with your specific system, well, that's always a possibility. We haven't experienced any troubles with high speed CD drives as yet, but once again, it may be your system.

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    Ref PanzerClaws

    Thank-you, Dr Love for the reply, it was appreciated.

    I must say that reference Panzer Claws, its a 'good idea', but one with a 'poor execution'. I think I'll resign myself back to PanzerElite...A two year - nearly 3 year old game/sim, but one that is still light years ahead of this one, for flexibility and re-playability. And the editor truly works and there's no lock ups issues. That goes to show me, next time RESEARCH - REVIEW, prior to grabbing something off the shelf I see.
    I'll resign this one up on the shelf with StarCraft and my other RTS, and hope somewhere down the road either Edios or someone, chooses to write a patch for it and turns it into the great game it could have been...
    Until then, it's back to PanzerArmee '44...Steel Beast...PanzerElite...
    Take care and good gaming, to all you Panzer Claws fans.
    E D

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    would have been nice if they posted it in the manual...

    I don't recall seeing in the manual that you needed to play the campaigns Wermacht tutorial first before playing the Allied tutorial... thankz for the old post it helped me out years later, being as my el cheapo cousin got me the game for Xmas out of a bargain bin somewhere this past Christmas 2004.

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    Panzer Claws issues

    I bought World War II: Panzer Claws recently (May 2005) out of a bargain bin. I've installed and reinstalled it, and it installs fine, but no matter what, when I run it, it says "Incorrect CD inserted". I have 2 CDs (marked "DISC 1" and "DISC 2") and I've tried each. I've even gone to the directory on my hard drive and run it directly from there. I'm wondering if these might be Install CDs and I'm missing a Play CD, or what? If so, I want to return it or complain until I get what I deserve. Can anybody tell me how many CDs this should be, or if it should be 2 how can I get it to work? Thank you for your attention.

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    They're 2 cd's with the game...

    Not sure why your getting that error message... what speed is your cd rom drive? Maybe it's not fast enough to for the game to load? Anyways there are 2 cd's that come with the game.

    I'd try googling it ( ) and see if you can find similar complaints where people are getting that same error message when trying to load games.

    Sorry i could not be more help. Email me at if you want to play Panzer Claws 1v1 on over the 'net if you ever get it working.