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    Unhappy Incognito

    I have been through the training and the all of the first battle.

    I am now trying to get past the first combat senario in 1944 for Germany. -- Incognito --

    1. Objectives say blow up storehouses -- there are no storehouses only warehouses and buildings in the red circled area.
    2. Haven't got a clue as to why my jeeps seem to get people chasing them even though they are in a no fire status as they pass American units.
    3. I haven't got a clue how to place the explosives in the buildings. Can't find any references anyplace in the manuals.
    4 When I point and click either using one of the jeeps or exit the units and point and click they start firing at the buildings not laying explosives.

    I thought this was a strategy game not Tomb Raiders.
    What's up here?

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    Well actually if you read the details you'll note that there are units who can see through your disguise. These are the units which are tracking you. As for placing the explosives, your men do that automatically. Just keep them alive & inside the base long enough and after several minutes the game will let you know that the explosives are set.