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Thread: Star Trek Fans! Read This!!!!

Star Trek Fans! Read This!!!!

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    Star Trek Fans! Read This!!!!

    Im going to see the movie tomorow @ 12:50pm EST. I'll post my "ratings" and "critique" about it when I get back...

    I just saw the Behind the Scenes our local station did.

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!

    IT KICKS ASS!!!!!!

    Janeway is in the movie, she's an admiral (she did survive 16 years in the delta quadrant.. what did u think wouldve happend? get demoted??). She talks to picard about borg and romulan (thats all she said during the 5 second scene they showed).

    There's another Data in the movie... and it's not Lore! He's called B-4.

    The movie is directed by a new guy (never had anything to do with ST and wasnt a "fan" like normal ST fans). The writer of the script is a ST fan. Its kinda a ST movie, by a fan, for the fans

    And it isnt the "official" last movie. Its like other star-trek TOS movies. The 2nd TOS movie was supposed to be the last, then another one came and another one then 2 more... then TNG and stuff..

    But rick berman (got interviewed) isnt saying its the last movie. (its kinda like not definite).

    Where's a druel smile when u need one!

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    Well that's good news. I had hoped the NG cast would be in more films. Now maybe they will be. Fingers crossed.

    Meanwhile, I also hope the Nemesis film is pretty good. Awaiting the review....

    Where's a druel smile when u need one!
    Sorry, I don't seem to have one at the moment. How about just panting?

    Or there's always

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    those will work

    I woke up, got dressed and ready to go for the movies (which starts in 40 minutes) only to check my icq that my dad says (in icq) that we'll go at 4 cause he has stuff to do before then.

    I shouldve bought tickets yesterday

    (I told my dad not to get tickets cause something might happen.. with our luck, something will happen, and look! Something did happen )

    PS: I mean that my dad (who drives) and me (who tags along) not to go and get the tickets (which I pay for cause its a bday gift).

    So its not much of a b-day present if he pays for it right?

    His bday is on sunday but the weekend theathers are packed tight and u know theres gonna be idiots watching the movie and keep talking during the dialogs and makes u miss an important part of the movie.

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    Defender's Critique Corner

    To sum this movie up in one word, WOW!

    The movie rocks! I wont go into details not featured on tv previews and behind the scenes.

    Riker and Troy get married (this is a no brainer)
    Janeway is in the movie (as we suspected).
    There is another "Data" (called B-4)

    Almost from the very begining of the movie, theres non-stop action. (well.. it does stops but it doesnt feel like it stopped).

    The bad guy is a clone of picard (as we suspected) but we dont learn where he got the dna, only who took the dna.

    The movie has new toys And u actually see people using the consoles (buttons on the bridge and stuff) and there's a new tricorder

    Very good movie, a must for star trek fans. But as many of the community feels, the movie gives a definate "last" movie from TNG (except for the fact that its not official).

    If you've even heard of Star Trek, you have to go see it!!!

    The ending was sad I dont want to spoil the movie so if u really really really want to know, pm me.

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    So it was good, ay?

    Well, I might just have to make an effort to go see it soon.

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    The Ending will shock the socks right out of ur feet.

    It's one of those endings...
    Well.. Not really "ending" cause there's like 2 more mins after it..

    But you'll know what I mean when u see it.

    I still cant believe what happend

    Makes ya wonder whats gonna happen with other TNG (if any) movies.

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    Awright, who dies?

    Kidding. I'm not sure I want to know just yet--in case I actually do get to see the film...

    But I figure anything that's accompanied by a means that somebody isn't showing up in future films...if there are any, that is...

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    Here's what I'll do. instead of getting a;

    Oh, sure. tell me... oh wait.. no.. i wanna be suprised (back and forth)

    I'll post it in spoiler mode. But if u read it! Its ur fault!!


    If i had the monney, id go and see it again. Its defintley on my dvd list. (right after the movie i was thinking dvd. I went to see it the first showing in the area.)

    You'll gasp at it.


    Wesley makes it in the movie, but u only see him for like less than a minute at the begining of the movie, Guinan also makes an apearance (same part in movie)

    How old is guinan anyways? She was on the Enterprise-B (as seen in TNG Generations movie)

    EDIT: Just noticed the smilies (images)) dont get "spoiled"

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    Cool Re: Defender's Critique Corner

    Originally posted by mrdefender
    Riker and Troy get married (this is a no brainer)
    Janeway is in the movie (as we suspected).
    There is another "Data" (called B-4)

    The bad guy is a clone of picard (as we suspected) but we dont learn where he got the dna, only who took the dna.

    The ending was sad

    You just ruined the movie for me!

    I didn’t know...
    Troy and Riker get married...
    Janeway got back from Voyager...
    Bad guy is a clone of Picard...
    and the other Data isn't Lore...
    And the ending is sad!!!

    You told to much. Now I feel cheated....

    Running away screaming… AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGG...

    Mods ban this guy for to much information...

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    Now you say Guinan and Wesley are in the movie...

    Screaming LALALALALA with my fingers in my ears...

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    Big spoiler:

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    Archer's dog is Porthos
    Data's cat is Spot
    Janeway's dog is Molly.

    Thats about it for animals in Star Trek.

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    Hmm..... another Data you say............

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    Ooh, sounds cool. And yes, I read all the spoilers. I have no patience for waiting for a film to come to video, and I doubt I'll be able to see it in theaters, so I had to.

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    Like I said, the ending is amazing.

    It's well.. Human

    Thats what touched me the most

    Like the episode where Data makes an offspring (Lol') He has trouble being a parent and asks Dr. Crusher for advice. She suggest giving Lol support, love and attention.

    Ofcourse, Data keeps "But Dr, im incapable of giving love" he exits and Crusher says "Now why do I find that so hard to believe"

    But you'd think he could do contractions (I've instead of I have, or I can't instead of I can not).

    Lore was made before Data and he can do contractions (well.. could do... he got disasembled in TNG tv) so why cant data?

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    Contracting into an abridged version of any word would make me sound more human, however, I have found that the human of the species, does appear to have an inherent need to pass from the proverbial 'A' through 'B' taking the quickest possible route, and this you will notice, is how I make my point....... in a nutshell, if you will..............

    "Data will never die, he will always find an open port"........

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    If they do decide to make another TNG movie (interestingly enough, alot of commericals say "prepare for the final journey")

    I wonder how they're gonna work around the "holes"

    Soiler! Spoiler! Spoiler! Spoiler!
    (the spoiler thing gets annoying sometimes). Read beyond this point at ur own risk...

    Riker leaves the enterprise with Troy at the end of the movie, Data is dead and Worf is the ambasador to the klingons (he's gets "crowned" ambasador at the series finale of DS9. im guessing the star fleet ambasador to the klingon homeworld).

    Granted that worf somehow found himself in the neighbourhood of the enterprise in FC and Insurrection...

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    I am so sad! that was the best film ever and hopefully not the last.

    I LOVE YOU STAR TREK! and data!

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    I know

    Eugh.. Spoiler spoiler spoiler... read this will make ur head fall off, blah blah..

    How did u like the argo? I thought it was awesome. I thought it would've been in escaping from the Remans or something.

    It was still a good scene though. I liked how they were able to get off the planet

    Oooh! Or Picard's Best Man speech at Riker's wedding.

    It was also nice to see Wesley, Guinan and Janeway!!!!

    I adore Janeway. She's the best captain. As she says in the movie, Picard gets all the easy missions (u shouldve seen what janeway got herself into in STVOY)

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    Personly Nemesis had too many holes to be the best movie, close to best TNG but theres no way it can beat any kirk movie.

    Aside from non star trek elements theres basic faults all over such as them saying Romulan Ale (even through the stuff they were drinking was not blue) was illegal even though the ban was lifted in DS9: Inter Arma Emin Silent Legus int he 7th season.

    And Janeway is NOT a good captain, shes the worst even Archer is better and all he does is smerk all the time.

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    Nah. she cant be a good captain. She just commanded her ship 70K light years from earth and made it back in once piece with only a 5th of her crew missing. Surving Species 8472, borg, kazon, vadeens, hirogen, think tank, etc... no good captain can do that.

    What does Picard have? A state of the art ship, ability to resuply his ship at will and can have reinforcements at the right place in less than 48 hours...

    Not to mention homesickness doesnt really affect Picard. (considering he's closer to earth than janeway..)

    Can't forget all the time taboos Janeway went thru. :/

    But I did like the TOS movies. It was more of a 'to be continued' series of movies than giving a completley new feeling to the TNG movies. ST 2,3,4,5,6 all "followed" each other.

    Personally, I didn't really like the first ST TOS movie. It looked more like a "look at our special effects" movie. But the story was still good, it still felt like star trek.

    Nemesis was good. I really liked the villans. They looked "evil" (demon-like). Plus Picard's clone was a good match for him (Clone good match for Picard...)

    PS: no offense to anyone who might consider this offensive.. though I don't see how... but still. No offense to anyone! :/

    Not to forget the fact that its a very old argument. Dating back to who is better captain; Kirk or Picard

    We don't need to get twirled up in this. I'm just glad theres star trek fans here

    All series are awesome, and all the movies are too (except for the first TOS movie.. which I didn't like very much..).

    Archer is a good captain. I liked the episode where we worked with Dean Stockwell (I think that's his name).

    The guy who played Al in Quantum Leap. It was nice to see them together again Amazing how actors never seem to age :/

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    Big Grin Re: Star Trek Fans! Read This!!!!

    Originally posted by mrdefender

    Where's a druel smile when u need one!
    Took me a bit to find one, but here ya go...

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    Em.. some times you creep me out with all those wierd smiles..

    especially the one that's puking

    yucky stuff dude

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