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Thread: Shadow of the tomb raider issue

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    Shadow of the tomb raider issue

    hello, i have been waiting for game to get patched out and cleaned from bugs since release, i finally decided to dive into it thinking by now you should have polished out product, and how much i can tell, this game is unplayable for the type of setup i run atm.

    i have 1080ti's in sli, running the game in DX12afr mode, all maxed out and im constantly getting either hard freezes or display driver errors, that occur once every few minutes while ingame, im atm at the plain crash site in game and it took me lot of time to reach just only so far, since game crashing is terrible, really bad. i thought at start, it must be my system is unstable and cards get hammered and crash but thats not the case, im 100% sure of that by now, is there any solution for this issue? i refuse to switch to dx11 and play without second card, i love my 144hz monitor maxed out and 140fps locked gameplay. kinda disapointed this kind of of issues are still present and game is released couple of months ago. im running latest nvidia drivers and win10 is up to date.

    this is error i get 90% of times ( if i dont get hard freeze )

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    I've read that there are quite some issues with DX12 and SLI. Or, well, DX12 and anything, really.
    I found someone said turning off exclusive fullscreen worked for them, that may be an option.
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    yes, i did try it, was playing with settings quite a bit, nothing really helps.

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