Thread: Square-Enix "support" very poor

Square-Enix "support" very poor

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    Square-Enix "support" very poor

    I'm not here to complain about the support personnel, I'm sure they do all they can for the most part. But I had an issue with account creation. I received email to confirm my email address. It was supposed to have a code, but there was none. I looked all over the email scrolled up and down and found no code. I went to support section, All I could find was to submit a ticket. So I did. Been waiting all day to get a reply, no answer. I decided earlier I would just try chat support or phone. I searched all over and couldn't find it. I googled it and found out where they hid it. So I tried chat support. It took them 2 hours 20 minutes before they answered. Then while I was typing my problem description, I got an error message saying the support ticket ended. Not sure how that happened, but I am irritated at this point, so I decided to try phone support. It took an hour and 30 minutes and finally they answered, Evidently there was no record of my email address or name. So we decided to try a different email, same thing. No code in the email, just a link to the support page and when I attempted again, it said I had to wait 24 hours to try again. Now I'm getting even more irritated. I just spent way too much time today over this stupid issue and they want me to wait 24 hours????
    Okay if there is anyone from Square-Enix reading this POST, which I doubt.
    1. Why can't support personnel bypass the 24 hours after confirming my identity? You could use a code sent to a phone, etc. Lots of ways to confirm. But you don't give them that very easy option to bypass the 24 hours and actually help your customer. ( I know, radical concept right?)
    2. The wait times for support is WAAAAAAAY too long. There are lots of solutions to this. Yes, none are free, I know that. But when customer service is done right it actually increases revenue. (I know, me and my radical concepts) You would at least, cover the extra costs of shortening the support wait times and maybe, just maybe turn an even greater profit!!!!!
    If you are serious about customer support, there are many studies and examples that prove my point. Just contact me and I will gladly consult with you.

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    Unhappy Your problem is not as big as mine!!!

    Hello there,

    That also happened to me but I just logged in normally without the code and then I got another email later with the code in it and used that.

    However, now I have a much bigger issue that Square Enix support is really taking their time to fix if they are going to fix it at all that is...

    Due to their complex regions segregation setup where they do not allow game activation across different regions, I am now stuck with a useless activation code for Final Fantasy 14 which I purchased through their North American Store, where I could not activate the game on my existing European MOG account. and mind you, my region is no where near Europe its actually Middle East Region but for some reason I found out that there is no separate Middle East Region in any of the stores but they clumped all the countries in the Middle East under Europe (go figure)!!!!

    When I contacted Square Enix European support, they said I have to contact North American Store support and ask for a refund and then buy the game again from the European store. I have sent three support tickets in the last 4 days and still no resolution to my problem. No chat support is available because I have tried it several times but it is always not available. and calling them by phone will cost me a fortune because I learned that they have exceedingly long wait times on the phone.

    So for now I have paid for a game that I can not play... Thank you very much Square Enix!!!

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