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Thread: Further camera distance or increased FOV question

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    Further camera distance or increased FOV question

    I'm not sure if it was asked before on this forum (if so, I apologize): is there any way to modify camera distance from Lara so that we can see the whole character? It's not a big issue for the game itself of course, but would be really nice to see Lara "from head to toes" , since you can change her outfits. I suppose this should be a rule for third person perspective games...
    I always liked how you can change the camera distance in bethesda games. Why not here? Is it the game engine limitation?

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    I don't think there's any way to adjust FOV in the game by file edit or 3rd party tools. PCGamingWiki says in Tomb Raider 2013 you could use Cheat Engine to do it, but it broke zoom on weapons and the relic viewer. The other go to sites for widescreen and FOV issues are usually WideScreenGamingForum and Flawless Widescreen, but WSGF has nothing on SotTR, and FW is not compatible with it.

    Usually when WSGF has zero info on a modern game, they're thumbing their nose at it for having inadequate widescreen and/or FOV support. BTW, they DO have info on pretty much every other TR game, including TR 2013 and Rise of the TR.

    In playing SotTR, I came away feeling in gameplay and technical details it felt rushed. Now I feel only more so that is the case.
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    I see, thank you for the answer!
    Poor attention to technical details might be true, since I stumbled over some animation and camera bugs. Then again, I'm not a very frequent gamer, so I can't speak much of technical flaws of this very game. Pitty that we can't do anything about the camera though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by overlot View Post
    Poor attention to technical details might be true, since I stumbled over some animation and camera bugs.
    Yeah the game has everything from bad texture flicker, to light and shadow flickers on surfaces, to big hitches at consistent points. The latter of which is an indication they're throwing too much content on a tired old game engine that needs overhauling, which causes assets to load too slowly at checkpoints.

    Even the game design in some aspects needs refining, like the fact that you can backtrack a long ways in many spots, but in many places you then reach an impasse. One that really sticks out is when you get back to the underground area where there's a furnace, oil pots, and spillways on the ground you can arrange so when you break the pots, the oil flows to sticks blocking the path, which can then be lit by the furnace, which burns the sticks and frees the path.

    You can backtrack to that spot and the furnace still works, and the spillways are still accessible, but the sticks blocking the path respawned, yet the oil pots didn't, so you're stuck there and have to go ALL the way to another entrance to get where you need to go.
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