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Thread: Disappearing purehair problem on Win 10 / 4K HDR monitor

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    Lightbulb Purehair - hair disappears on 4K monitor when I hit ESC

    I recently upgraded to a 16/9 4K HDR-capable screen (3840x2160, BenQ EW3270U).

    The moment I hit the ESC key to pause the game, Lara's hair disappears - completely When using Hattiwatti's freecam, the hair "blends" in & out of existence along a straight horizontal/vertical line, depending on camera angle and Lara's position relative to the center. Windowed, fullscreen, exclusive fullscreen, DX11/12, Vsync on/off makes no difference; no other graphical glitches.

    All settings are maxed out, purehair is "Very high" or "On". With purehair off, no problem - and no purehair issues in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I experimented with switching off various graphics options, and Windows 10 "fullscreen optimizations", but no luck so far.

    On my old 1080p monitor everything still looks fine...

    The game has this issue under both Windows 7 and Win 10.

    I've read of a similar problem on PS4 a few years back (2016?), but that was fixed - and never on PC, anyway. (?)

    HDR is off (in Windows and Nvidia settings), 8 bit color depth; monitor refresh rate is fixed at 60 fps, Vsync is usually on.
    The monitor has no G-Sync support, but is Adaptive Sync-compatible - this feature seems to work in Shadow to dial down the monitor refresh rate, don't know about Rise. Switching Async off doesn't fix the problem.

    The monitor is connected via DisplayPort, graphics card is (one) Nvidia RTX2080, CPU is AMD Ryzen 7 2700X.

    Steam version of the game.

    I found a Beta fix that works: I tested
    - whatever was the most recent build in February this year
    - 811.3, has the issue
    - 751.5, ditto
    - 668.1, does NOT have the issue

    So the working fix is downgrading to Beta version 668.1, for now.
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