Thread: Cannot delete file: filename too long

Cannot delete file: filename too long

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    Cannot delete file: filename too long

    Sometime ago, I made a copy of a hierarchy of folders under my "Users" folder to another drive as a quick backup. I no longer need this copy of folders and files. So when I tried to delete these files I got a message that some filenames are too long. When I look at these files they mostly seem to be part of Internet Explorer temp directory, and also some files used by Mozilla Thunderbird, so they were likely created by these utilities on purpose. I cannot rename them to shorter names, or even move them to lower folders. I can't even copy their filenames to show you what these filenames are! When I use the DOS prompt's "dir /x" command these files do not even have any 8.3 short filenames either, which I could've used to delete them with. There are over 400 of these files!

    I know what the problem is, the Windows OS has a limit of somewhere around 250 characters for filenames and complete pathnames. I've seen some utilities advertised saying that they can delete these files, but they all require money. Anything that's free?

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