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Thread: Why DLC is sometimes bad for games.

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    Why DLC is sometimes bad for games.

    When Shadow was released it did not receive great reviews by the industry. This probably affected sales a bit.

    I think the game would have been a bit better reviewed if "The Forge", and "The Pillar" were part of the original release
    rather then added later as DLC. Might have gotten much better reviews.

    Money Money Money!!!!

    This is the industry today.

    Screw the game, and the fans, and grab the money.

    Sad thing really.

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    I agree, too many games have what should be included as campaign content, tacked on as cash grab DLC. Ubi did the same with GR Wildlands in reverse at launch, but same recently in the Year Two content (cash grab skins). They wasted dev time making the horrible Narco Road DLC, when they could have spent that time fixing the many bugs that still exist today, or at least make better DLC.

    This game is fairly buggy too, mainly hitching and missing audio at what appear to be checkpoints. That's usually a sign they're trying to cram too much into a game that has an engine which is too outdated and unable to handle it efficiently. I've also noticed it has problems with flickering light and shadows in places.

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