Thread: WATER - The visual downgrade from Just Cause 3 to Just Cause 4

WATER - The visual downgrade from Just Cause 3 to Just Cause 4

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    WATER - The visual downgrade from Just Cause 3 to Just Cause 4

    Well, I'm sure by now everyone is aware of how awful the water looks like in this game, especially the quiet waters. It's just a huge disappointment after the amazing waters in Just Cause 3.

    Remember how awesome the water looked in Just Cause 3? How deliciously blue and inviting it looked? How you could sit in a boat and be rocked up and down by the large waves? How the sunlight cast glittering reflections in the water? How the wave size changed according to location; quiet inside reefs and near shores and wavy out in the ocean?
    Remember the rich white wake behind the boat and the satisfying "tisssshhh" sound the boat made after landing from jumping off a huge wave?
    Well, you can forget all about that in Just Cause 4. This part of the open world experience is now gone. What we are left with instead is some green goo in rivers and heavily reduced ocean waves. Both almost entirely without a wake. Sorry to say this but it looks mostly awful, especially the quiet waters.
    Developers, will you please enhance the water experience and make it - if not identical - then at least almost identical to ... you know ... your game from three years ago?

    Also, have a look here (0:55 to 3:47):
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    In the game you are waiting for blurry textures, missing effects, curve smoothing and terrible shadows. The image literally "dazzles" and presses on the eyes. To the above, physical bugs, graphical artifacts and an excessively artificial AI curve are added. The impression is that, instead of the release version, the developers mistakenly flooded the "beta" curve into the network. I really hope that they will pay for the game with patches.

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    after one more day of playing i see that the positive ratings on this websites are fake, check the Steam reviews before purchase.