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Thread: Alpha and Beta Reveals

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    Alpha and Beta Reveals

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a heads up if missed it. Yesterday saw the release of information of one of the biggest treasure trove of LoK content since the series began with The Lost Worlds, The Ancient's Den, the Legacy of Kain Wiki and many others collaborating to delve into some previously secretive developmental builds of BO1 and SR1.

    The BO1 alpha show some massive changes that were removed before the retail version of the game - with a wildly different world map, greatly changed area layouts, tonnes of new, unknown and changed areas, new spells, new sequences (including the long fabled Chess match), new dialogue and a host of new implications.
    I could go on for ages talking about all the changes uncovered in this version but it would mean a huuuuuuge block of text and information dump so probably best to leave that to the individual sites.

    They've also got an SR1 beta which features access to the Chronplast vision rooms as level areas - revealing publicly for the first time actual footage of an area of Kain's mountain retreat.

    So much to say it can't all be written here, so check out the links below. Ultimately there is so much information to digest and go through that it's gonna take some time to fully publish and flesh out all the cut content that will be revealed, so check back regularly for updates.

    For now here are some links, prepare yourself for the onslaught:
    The Lost Worlds Updates:

    We've also been adding these at the Wiki. You can find the main updates round-up here:
    And a full map gallery here:
    As with the others more will be added to individual pages in time as the information is fleshed out.

    A different perspective can also be found on the The Ancient's Den, where Raina Audron has summarised along with a number of videos:
    And just for fun:

    Here's a couple of interesting images to whet the appetite:

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    All of the web pages will be receiving more updates in future as information builds, so check back for more updates.
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