First of all I see that this sub-forum of FF VII is pretty death, so an answer is mostly not going to happen, but here it goes my problem.

I have 2 days since I am trying to login to FF VII ( through FF7 Launcher ). At first I had the "amazing" Connection Error - Please check internet settings - or something , and now I am having : Word verification response is incorrect, please try again.

Is anyone experienced this before ? If yes how it can be solved ? I read somewhere that Square Enix support for FF VII is no longer and that all FF VII PC users are required to buy the game through Steam. Is that the case? I already bought the PC version from Square Enix in 2012 and also saved the Install Files , so why do I need to buy it again on Steam?

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know as support from Square Enix is the worst i've experienced. Plus the annoying thing that you need to go through 2-3 websites of Square Enix in order to see what exactly you have in your accounts. Why can't they managed all games in 1 account , on 1 website?!

Anyway, thanks!