First I would like to say that I am a huge fan of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for games like Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and The Legacy of Kain. Now that you have the mecca of fantasy with the Marvel Universe to create a great dynamic wondrous world for fans to experience. We as fans beg you to give us what is expected and what we know that can be done in gaming. I have been playing videos games since 1985 none stop with no breaks. Doing this while serving 20 years in the USAF as an IT specialist. My passion and first love has always been Comics and video games. I say this to let you know that there are many of us out there from all walks of life that share this same passion. The generational gap is as close as it has ever been. I have 4 children ages 10-17 and they love comics and games as well.

This game has the potential to be monumental in the gaming industry.

Please do not get caught up with the shareholders and market strategies trying to make money using the Marvel license. I have a very very very strong feeling that this game will not provide the top notch quality experience that the Marvel Universe deserves. I believe this game will give you a lackluster, confined, linear roller coaster ride through a short story campaign. Then thrown into a semi open world. Repetitive quest selecting for level grinding similar to Destiny. While using the marvel roaster to be sold in the marketplace which we all know will be a cash cow. The Marvel Universe needs and should have a very high level experience that the fans will love and play for years. Games like No man Sky, Spider-man, Red Redemption 2 and soon Anthem (which is an open world 4 player co-op Iron man like game) have proven and pushed the action/adventure gaming experience to new levels.

There have been too many sub par Marvel games in the past. Most movie tie-ins trying to make money. The same quality experience fans get when watching the movies should translate directly into this game. From massive worlds to explore and meaningful missions to complete. Character driven story arcs. Traversing to and from worlds via spacecraft or character. These elements should be in the game at a minimum. There are no excuses either, the tech is there and we have already seen it in other games.

Make this game for the FANS not the MONEY.......