I have a problem, that makes my game unplayable Online thus making Platinum unobtainable.

If I start the game connected to the internet, the game will freeze on first Loading Screen (after the Title Screen) and before the Game Screen Menu (with Resume, Start New Game, Settings).

If I start the game in Offline Mode, the game will freeze instantly when connection to the internet is enabled.

Video of the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SUi2dD51Hw

The solutions I tried have not helped me at all. I've tried:

1. Reinstalling the game (with or withouth the DLCs)
2. Rebuilding PS4 Database
3. Removing Save Games
4. Initializing the PS4
5. Reinstalling the PS4 Software
6. Changing the Network Settings (Google DNS and MTU)
7. Forwarding Ports on my Router
8. Directly connecting to Modem

Every other game works online. The problem is only with Just Cause 3 and specifically only with my account.

My PS4:
My account: Game Freezes.
Alternative account: Game works flawlessly.

Friend's PS4:
My account: Game Freezes.
Friends account: Game works flawlessly.

I've been on and off with Square Enix and PS Support and they could not help me. I'm having a problem for the last 2 weeks. It all started with me pursuing the Platinum on the game and only needing "Anything you can do" trophy. My friend sent me a Call-Out and after that, the game just stopped working Online. I can start the game Offline, but me being 100% for all the DLCs and all, and only needing this trophy for the Platinum it seems pointless. Because of such issues, I am having second thoughts about JC4.

If any of you have any other solutions. Please let me know.