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Thread: The best series Tomb Raider

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    The best series Tomb Raider

    Just saw it. I think Alicia did a great job and I'd love to see more of her. Unfortunately I think I read that WB doesn't want her anymore and her "lack of curves" was to blame for the poor box office.

    TBH, she was the best part of this film. The writing was very wooden and the dialogue was barely passable. There were a lot of haha jokes that felt like something from a 90s film. The reveal of what the curse actually was made me groan a bit as well. Then the reveal of how Trinity had ties with her company was so loosely constructed on how she figured it out. I guess they had no time left? Anyways I blame the writing on all of this. Dialogue, plot. It felt like I was in the 90s again.

    If you want a video game movie to do well hire a good writer. The directing wasn't amazing but it was passable with some very good swooping shots and a good character transformation of Lara - again my favorite part of this movie and what I think to be the only good thing. The thing is, all of Lara's transformation is communicated physically with physical acting and physical pain associated with it. Anything that was said was generic and didn't contribute anything special.

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    I totally agree with you! Alicia did very well and the writing was poor. They should have hired someone else...90s feeling stayed with me the whole movie as well. Oh well, what is done is done...

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    The movie was good, but only because of the writing it didn't do that well.

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