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Thread: Possible Game-Breaking Bug

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    Same here. I have written to support and received the following reply.

    Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre. We are sorry to hear that you have encountered this problem.
    Since Shadow of the Tomb Raider
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    LOL! Squenix Support seems to be like those stupid bots that don't even understand what you just said:

    User: The Game crashed and took the whole HDD content with it
    Support: We're sorry but we can't help with Achievements


    User: The Game doesn't start at all, please help
    Support: We can't help with Collectibles, there are Strategy guides for that


    User: Someone hacked the Door of my Apartment and stolen my TV
    Support: Try connecting the TV via HDMI


    User: There was no DVD in the Package?!
    Support: Clean the DVD and try again to read it


    User: The Game stutters and freezes in Kuwaq Yaku on my Xbox One X
    Support: We don't provide support for Xbox, please contact Microsoft

    And also this forum has bugs too, i always need to open 10 tabs with login, else it doesn't login, ohh well...

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    They'd asked me to do several that I had already did. So they want me to send them a video of my problem. I'll do that today and hope they will fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikaru_No_Go View Post
    They'd asked me to do several that I had already did. So they want me to send them a video of my problem. I'll do that today and hope they will fix it.
    I also described the problem in detail and offered a video. This was on Saturday. No reaction so far. I really hope that the bug will be fixed.

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    I have the following bugs:
    1) Monolith bug on Kuwaq Yaku:
    2) Can't jump / Can't leave area / Sometimes can't enter the whole area

    System: Playstation4 Pro
    Game: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition
    Version: 1.03

    It is very annoying to have payed 89.99 for the game and can' do any progress. I enjoyed the game so far ( great visuals, performance, audio, syncro, gameplay ) but now I have to wait until Eidos will fix this and meanwhile I can't play ! Great !!

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    I ve added another Video where you can see. If you're in the area you see the worst case: Can't leave the area anymore !
    Guess the problem is the entrance in this area, this causes all the problems as not able to jump etc ....

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    A patch has been released today and it's ok for me, I'm not stuck anymore.

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    That's great but I got the same reply. I'd have done it but had to do essays, so didn't get around to doing anything about it.

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