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Thread: Life is Strange for Android

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    Life is Strange for Android

    Hi, this is my first time posting here so go easy on me. I have a problem which make me not to be able to fully play the game. The problem is that whenever i open the journal i can't even see the "close" button that should appear in the bottom right side of the screen then i noticed that the game is like "cut". Yeah its in fullscreen but i can't see the other parts of the game because it has been cut out from the screen. I'm playing in my OPPO F9 please can someone help me or square-enix help me fix the problem

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    I have the same problem at my Asus zenfone 5z. I had changed screen scale into "standart" and solved it. Now all button appears correctly (all pictures at the top and "close" button).It is probably screen resolution problem. I have 18:9 screen and it looks like game supports only 16:9. So when i use my native screen resolution, pictures at the top (like sms and others) disappear.
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