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Thread: Can't access journal / texts / menu on Android

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    Can't access journal / texts / menu on Android

    Everything about the game works perfectly, but I can't access the journal, text messages, or menu. I can't believe that I'm the only one who has this issue, because it's the same on both my Samsung S7 phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. Even as I write this it still feels like I must simply be missing something, but I can't imagine what! I even went to YouTube to watch game play on the Android platform, and I saw that there was a floating journal image in the upper right hand corner of the screen that I haven't seen. Trapping that area doesn't have any effect. When a text message came through in the game, I heard the alert, but there was no other indication on the screen. The only on-screen option I see is the rewind spiral, which works fine.

    I feel like I must be crazy - am I just missing something?

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    Just to give an update, I sent this issue to the support team, and they went back and forth with me several times, giving me various canned, generic things to try without success. After that, they essentially said that they were GIVING UP.

    They decided that they couldn't figure it out, and weren't willing to try, I suppose. They said that the support team is still aware of the issue, and may still fix it, but that they won't notify me if it happens. Since it's been 9 months since the last Android update, I'm guessing that the chances are pretty slim.

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