It was recommend to me by multiple GMs, most recently GM Verenthentus, that I post this here.

For serious health reasons, I was hospitalized recently for over 30 days. To be honest, although FFXIV was the least of my concerns, one of my main reasons for playing this game was player housing and I was worried about losing my house even prior to going into the hospital. I did try to search and had read that as long as my subscription was active I'd be okay. I didn't see anywhere anything about having to log in and use my house during this time. Such a thing would never have crossed my mind. And, even if it had, I would have been unable to do so regardless.

I was one of those types who spent too much gil and way too much real-life money on items for my house. But, more importantly, I probably spent well over 40 or 50 real life hours meticulously placing things in my house via the wall/shelf tricks and such. I am sure some of the people in my free company could verify this.

Anyway, upon leaving the hospital, I saw the three day warning that my house would be removed. Unfortunately, that was literally 8 hours too late. I logged in immediately and someone had already purchased my house lot.

I have submitted various email tickets and had, for me, insufficient responses. Today I finally got a hold of an in-game GM and he was very friendly and said I should ask here if there's any possibility to restore from a backup the inner inner instance of my home. I understand that it's not possible outside and, to be honest, while I loved where my house was I could live with it being anywhere else. It was the inside that was my pride and joy.

He also mentioned checking with the Resident Caretaker as 80% of my items and gil should be retrievable there. I don't know if I can even recall everything I had in my house as I was almost at max capacity (mansion) but looking even now, the caretaker only has 240 items, and I can see that many mog station items are missing. I had bought way too many carbuncle lamps, they had been the central way I decorated the main "throne" room, using, again, all the wall tricks and such at our player's disposal.

Honestly, I hate customers who say things like, "Well, I won't be shopping here again" but housing is one of the main reasons I've loved this game. Between that and character customization has been where this MMO soared for me above the others. I kept my subscription active, which is around $30 with full retainer service, but if something more customer-service friendly cannot be done, I don't know if I really will stay motivated to play anymore. I just say that realistically, nothing more. The point of MMOs, for me, is the stamp you get to leave on the world you've entered. Having that removed, even while paying for it (and after less than two months) seems very inappropriate.

Please let me know, definitively, if anything more can be done or not so I can make a decision. I appreciate your time.