Hi, I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but I've noticed that my copy of the Final Fantasy Portal App version of Final Fantasy (the first one) has a few technical problems that actually crash the game, at seemingly random times.

For example, if one of my characters gets poisoned during a battle, and I exit the battle to go back to the exploration part of the game, it crashes as soon as I move a single step, I'm not joking about that. I take one step, the game distorts the image a bit, and then crashes.

Another example is when I was I came across the evil elf king Astos, and he does some kind of weird magical energy ball thing, but the game crashes EVERY TIME that happens, and I don't understand why. This example is especially bad, because how the hell am I supposed to complete some sort of quest, if the game crashes before I can see what Astos does with his magical energy ball thing?

I've put over four hours of progress into this game, and I don't want it going to waste if the game just keeps randomly crashing for whatever weird reason it has for crashing, can anyone please help me out?

I'm using a Sony Xperia XZ, which is a rather high-end smartphone that's good for playing mobile games on, in case anybody needs some specs or whatever to see if it might be a problem with hardware compatibility or something like that.

Please help, either with a patch to the Portal App version of the game, or with some kind of workaround until a patch is made, because I don't want to lose over four hours of progress, especially if I'm currently enjoying this otherwise fun Final Fantasy title.