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Thread: Will Square Enix remake the LOK series with a new game in mind?

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    Will Square Enix remake the LOK series with a new game in mind?

    I started the series with Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance. The characters and story is quite compelling and enjoyable. Though not everything made sense and I believe that can be corrected along with making a collection of Blood Omen 1 & 2, Soul Reaver 1 & 2 and Defiance being remade with new innovations. Keeping true to the story and characters but expanding and making things more sensible. What do I mean by that? Water is life giving and even when a vampire drinks blood. There is water in the veins and by that reason alone, a vampire would be killing themselves. So I would suggest that there is some kind of speciality blessing/curse that is placed on certain water to act as acid to vampires. Otherwise not very sensible. Of course the old good stake in the heart will kill a vampire in accordance to myth.

    There are ways to go about and if done correctly would then set up for another game after Defiance for Kain and Raziel to come back in bigger and greater way. What do I mean by this? I mean Blood Omen 1 & 2 focus on the rise and fall and retribution with rising to power again for Kain. Soul Reaver 1 & 2 we see that Raziel wants retribution for what he believes was Kain doing to him. Throught Soul Reaver 2 & Defiance there are time jumps without little to no consequence which is fine that can be addressed in the next game but Defiance brings both a revelation for Kain and Raziel but it can also set up the next obstacle for them.

    Better animation, configurations, battle/fight mechanics, AI, texture, resolution, enviroments and puzzles. Expanding the world that is played in and the changes in progress and adaption to make the series even that much more exciting. The characters could also show physical progress as well as abilities. Not solely on what they need to do in order to unlock specific abilities but there's a lot there that can be tweaked on and made better. There is lack of life usually present in the environments and would be nice if there was more there whether to be interacted with or just for immersion. This would give greater immersion and also progress for Raziel and Kain that the player would be able to utilize. That would go hand in hand with the expansion of gameplay.

    Tomb Raider has been remade several times over with new innovations. Many enjoy the new way that it has gone. I believe LoK would do well being remade. Atmosphere and music can be more involved with the over all additions.

    I truly believe that LoK could come back in a new way that fans and new comers would come and enjoy if done right. If Square Enix isn't willing to take up this cup then I hope they will pass it on to someone else that will and do better than what has already been established with the foundations of LoK. What do you all think?

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    Will Square Enix remake the LOK series with a new game in mind?
    Support of LOK-games is the duty of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

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