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Thread: Life is Strange Mobile

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    Life is Strange Mobile

    Hello Square Enix.

    I enjoy playing Life is Strange on mobile. I even bought all the episodes, and this is the only game I have bought something.

    The problem with the game is, that sometimes when cutscenes happen(It happens in episode 2, where Max and Chloe is walking on the rails, when shot is about to change, you can see in first shot, that they teleport or lag to the next cutscenes shot.), the game actors teleport. Another thing that should be fixed, is the spikyness. My phone is Xiaomi mi A1, and the characters have the weird light around them.

    That's all. I love this game. I don't know what will I do when I finish it...

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    Lucky you! After you finish the original game, you should definitely play LIS: Before the Storm. Although it is not on mobile, you can find it on Steam.

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