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Thread: Tomb raider suite belly up ?

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    Tomb raider suite belly up ?

    Ayup All...

    Are there any folks here waiting on the Tomb Raider Suite CD ? I was one backer and have just been refunded with four days to go without asking. I have been very critical of Mcree and the way this project has been mid-handled. Making us wait and wait for the CD, And digital download. I have criticised him for all the PR stunts in between and the seemingly never ending wait. I was looking forward to the CD as I am a member of the TR Twitch community. I had only been as critical of him as other have been and we have had several discussions over Twitter but in the end he got abusive. Now he*s seemingly thrown me out completely. If any other backers can let me know if the schemes still going ahead I*d be grateful. That will prove I was thrown out days before it was due to ship. If it ships at all. It just goes to expose him as the petty minded individual I saw him to be. Thanks.
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    Well I*ve heard it*s justbgome into the *production phase* so it looks like I*m out after all. What a douchebag you are Mcree!

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