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Thread: Tv Adaptation Discussion - if it ever happens

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    Tv Adaptation Discussion - if it ever happens

    Minor game spoilers below. So be warned.

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    This has gone very quiet, sadly. Last I heard Hulu had bought the rights. I wonder if they were waiting to see how Before the Storm panned out and in a way I*m glad if they are. I think Before the Storm should act as a flashback. That way we can get Chloe*s relationship with Rachel building as Max and Chloe uncover more about her. If done right, they can keep the mystery, shocks and plot twists right up to the reveal. I recently played Before the Storm and then went onto Life is Strange to see if I felt any different and if I made any other choices. What I found was just how much Rachel is all over Life is Strange in a new way. Having got to know her through Before the Storm made Chloe*s connection to her all that much deeper. I think this would be an ideal way to integrate Before the Storm into a Life is Strange adaptation.

    Also if it began with *Farewell* then that would be a great way of jumping off the story as the innocence is shatterered and everything changes. You could fast forward then to Max and her dream and classroom sequence. Follow those events up to Max meeting Chloe again then as Chloe opens up about Rachel you could go back to when they first met in the Old Mill.

    Each time Chloe talks about Rachel we could get a little more. I*m not sure if it should go beyond Before the Storm as that would mean events leading up to her disappearence. Maybe it should be shown as a quick series of scenes during the first Dark Room scene piecing the clues tighter.

    As you can see I*ve given this a lot of thought.

    I*d also say film both endings and leave one as an alternative DVD ending. DVD*s and Blu-ray are structured so that it*s possible to insert an alternative ending scene without disrupting the flow. I think that way, everybody would be happy.

    I*d also like to see them expand on some of the other characters. Like Dana and Juliet, Evan and Daniel, I*d keep the saving Alyssa in each episode too. I want to see Victoria become the Queen Mean Girl and Nathan be an absolute psycho. We need to delve deep into the Prescott family and above all I want them to give me the same feelings when I play the games.

    It*s episodic so should lend itself brilliantly to TV. We*ve probably all played the game a number of times and made different choices at various points so whatever choices the show makes won*t matter as much in the long run.

    Anyway even though it*s gone a bit quiet I still think this will see the light of day and with the iOS and Android versions available now and by the Twitter activity as busy as it*s ever been, interest in Life is Strange is as popular as ever. Not to mention the upcoming comic. So now would be a great time to make this a reality.

    What do you think? I*d love to get this thread going as a proper discussion.

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    Life is Strange was a brilliant stand alone game, and that's how it should be kept and remembered. Personally, I never bothered with the cash-in title, "Before the Storm," It seemed pointless to me to play out a game with a character who's already dead. One of the game's strengths was to have a main character (narrative driven) in name only but never seen. This lent a certain gravitas to the whole story and, built upon the already existing tension surrounding the mystery in Arcadia Bay. The whole point of the story - besides others - is that people will move on and the only certain thing in life is change, and that when two estranged friends are suddenly thrown back into the mix unexpectedly, the only common ground is the past which they both once trod together; the game explored this detail with great affection and showed us, the gamers, just how close Max and Chloe once were. It's all bitter sweet and intentionally pulls on the heart strings to good effect, but it also showed us how much someone can change in so short a space of time; Chloe was a completely different person from the girl Max thought she knew and grew up with. In a sense, Rachel became a Max substitute, a stand-in, someone to fill an empty, emotional void created when Max left Arcadia Bay. Although the past does play a pivotal role in the original game, it is the future discovery of the suspected fate of Rachel that gives the game such an explosive impact when finally revealed, and such an impact is only valid on one occasion, so to make a prequel where any potential impact is already negated seemed, to me at least, a pointless exercise. But that's just me.

    As far as a film is concerned, I wonder as to its popularity outside of the gaming community and question whether or not it could ever gain as much momentum as the game did? Some games do not transfer well to film and can leave audiences scratching their heads over what they just saw and come to the conclusion that it was indeed pointless. The game itself was, and is a film in its own right and possesses many cinematic qualities.

    There is another LIS game set for release in September 2018; it will probably have an entirely new cast and story - and with the future, not the past - foremost in my mind, I am eager to see what Dontnod have done with reinvention.

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    Well, first, thanks to your contribution.

    Second, I do think it*s a shame that you never played Before the Storm because you felt it wasn*t needed. I*ll be honest, I wasn*t sold on the idea myself at first especially with a new voice cast and developer, but I have to admit, I love it just as much as the original game but for different reasons. One, I don*t *ship. I think that*s important for me that I don*t belong to either Pricefield or Amberprice. I wanted to play it to see why Chloe is so close to Rachel in Life is Strange and it actually does make me feel different when subsequently playing Life is Strange.

    This is why I think any adaptation (and according to DJ2 Entertainment*s website, it*s still on the slate and both producers still have it in their Twitter bio*s) would need to include events from Before the Storm because you can*t have a completely absent character if you want to make an impact on that scene in the junkyard. It broke my heart the first time I played it but on the second, even knowing what was coming it shattered it into a million pieces because I knew what Rachel meant to her. That*s why I think Before the Storm is important and that any adaptation should incorporate it.

    But hey, I want different opinions and totally respect yours too

    Yes, I am looking forward to what they do with Life is Strange 2.

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