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Thread: Patience Is Truly A Virtue (Life Is Strange 2)

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    Patience Is Truly A Virtue (Life Is Strange 2)

    The wondering is over, it would seem. I see that Dontnod have finally seen sense and are creating an all shiny & new LIS game which will be released (or expected to be) September 27th, 2018. I also wonder just how long this has been in development for?

    I can only hope that the game will transcend its predecessor and shine a new beacon of light of an otherwise dark and murky gaming world. I haven't bought a PS4 up till now, and it looks like THAT will have to change come September. I have posted this here simply because there is no other thread or relevant spot to write about this game, yet. But I can see it now! Once more this old and tired forum spot for LIS will once again spring to life and pretty soon theories will abound in their thousands.

    On a more serious and hopeful note: I expect Dontnod to learn - not so much by their mistakes, but by their rather self imposed, speculative, crushed time schedules which I feel put them under too much pressure to deliver the episodes on time. . .and we all remember how that went, don't we? The lesson should be well learned.

    My anticipation is high ( as always) and I now look forward to September. I have no idea if some of the original characters will come out to play again, or if there will be an all new cast - the latter seems to be more likely.

    Just had a nasty thought!

    I hope it's not a hoax!?

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