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Thread: Wingsuit Airbrake Mod conflicts with Cancel Grapple

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    Wingsuit Airbrake Mod conflicts with Cancel Grapple

    Before installing the airbrake mod I had no problems canceling my grapple to shoot it ahead whilst retaining my speed. I'd like to be able to use both of those wingsuit mods (airbrake, auto land), but with Cancel and Brake being on the same keybind, it makes grapple/wingsuit control difficult during travel and combat.
    I found in the keybinds menu there is an option to change airbrake to something else. However when I changed airbrake to a different key, hitting control to cancel a grapple still engaged the airbrake, and the key bind I set didn't do anything. Went back into the menu, and the airbrake bind was saved but it just wasn't working.
    I've seen this complaint on Reddit or other forums but not here on the Square Enix Forums so I wanted to make it known. I know Just Cause 4 is on the way so this seems like a null issue. But this seems like an oversight and not an intended behavior for those actions and it would be unfortunate if the same issue persisted in Just Cause 4.

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    100% man. That airbrake upgrade is totally a downgrade!

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